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How to Decorate a Japan Themed Bedroom for a Teenager

Updated on February 10, 2015

If your teen loves all things Japanese, you might consider helping them out with a Japanese themed bedroom.

If you choose to decorate a bedroom in a Japanese style, there are two ways you can go about tackling the room design.

You can go either go for a traditional, minimalist approach or you can choose a fun, cartoon theme. Anime and cute cartoon characters are really popular with a lot of youngsters.

How to Create a Minimalist Japanese Bedroom

If you are going for a traditional Japanese style you should start off by painting the walls white or a neutral color. The key is to keep the room clean and simple. For a traditional feel, you might like to line a wall with Shoji paper, creating the effect of sliding Shoji panels.Traditional Shoji are- sliding doors with translucent white paper over a wooden lattice. In traditional Japanese homes, these doors could be moved to make a room bigger, more open or to integrate it with a garden. Your teen might not be able to have the real thing in your teens room, but by lining the wall with shoji paper you can recreate the effect.

Another thing you can do to create a traditional feel to the bedroom is to have Shoji screens in front of a closet or in a place where it can separate the room into two areas.

This Cherry Blossom Shoji Screen Room Divider would look great in your Japanese style room. It would give the room a very Japanese feel and your teen would feel like they were in a real old-style Japanese dwelling.

What do Japanese people sleep on?

These days, most Japanese people sleep in western style beds. Traditionally, they slept on a futon (sleeping mat) on top of the tatami (woven rice straw mat).

For your Japanese themed bedroom you should get a platform or futon bed which is low to the floor. Put a simple white a comforter and perhaps a blanket on the top.

What furniture do I need in a Japanese style bedroom?

For your minimalist Japanese bedroom, you should use low tables and floor pillows. A Japanese table is low down and is usually used with pillows.

People sit on their knees to take tea at a traditional Japanese style table. A Japanese style table in a teens is a great place for entertaining friends with drinks.

All furniture in the room should use straight lines. Remember to stick with the minimalist theme. You can get additional furniture, such as chairs and dressers, but make sure everything fits with the Japanese theme. This DVD/CD storage unit would fit in well in a traditional, Japanese style bedroom.

You can complete the effect of the Japanese style bedroom with appropriate accessories.You could get a Japanese tea set, traditional wall-hangings, fans, lanterns, bamboo water fountains, bonsai trees, miniature zen gardens, samurai swords or a statue of Buddha.

How to Decorate the Bedroom of an Anime Lover

If your teen has a passion for anime or manga, they probably have their favorite characters. They no doubt already have books and DVDs filling up their book shelves. For the walls, there are plenty of posters available, such as this one for Sailor Moon.

You may be able to find bed sheets with manga characters, but they can be hard to come by. You could also look for pillow covers and soft toys of anime characters to put on the bed. Slightly more expensive are figurines of characters, which can be kept in a display case.

What does 'Kawaii' mean?

Kawaii is Japanese for cute. Cuteness is something you will see everywhere in Japanese popular culture. Teen girls in Japan love it.

Maybe your teen is a fan of kawaii style. If so, you can kit her room out with all kinds of accessories for her favorite cartoon character.

Popular cute characters in Japan include Pokémon, Pikachu, Doraemon and Hello Kitty. As you might expect, there is plenty of merchandise available. Teen girls who want to turn their bedroom into a chamber of cute will no doubt squeal with delight at the sight of this Hello Kitty cordless telephone. Just so kawaii!!!


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    • Ceres Schwarz profile image

      Ceres Schwarz 

      5 years ago

      These are all good ideas on how to decorate a room with a Japanese theme. Those who like the Japanese theme or even the anime and manga theme will find these ideas and tips to be of much use to them such as having the Cherry Blossom Shoji Screen Room Divider or even having wallpapers and posters relating to the Japanese theme.


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