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How to Decorate a Star Wars Themed Bedroom

Updated on August 15, 2017

In a Bedroom Far, Far Away...

I've been crazy about Star Wars ever since I was a kid - hey, I even liked the Phantom Menace. Come on, it wasn't that bad. With the new Disney series of Star Wars movies coming out, sci-fi fever is in the air, and kids are clamoring for all the latest merchandise and toys.

There's a much easier way to ensure your child's life is full of galactic wonder than having to buy every action figure that comes out, and that's to gift them a whole Star Wars themed bedroom to play and dream in. This article is going to give you a step by step guide to doing just that, and hopefully I'll save you some money and hassle along the way! Let's take a look...

Start with some Star Wars Bedding...

I believe that the most important element of every themed bedroom is the bed. It is the first thing to draw your eye when you walk into the room, and it provides the central purpose of the room to begin with. That is why you have to ensure that you have appropriately themed bedding or bed decorations to act as the centerpiece of the room. The obvious way to do this is to pick up some official licensed Star Wars bedding, such as the Force Awakens five piece comforter and sheet set above. It's got a very eye-catching patchwork-like design that I particularly enjoy.


If you like your bedding to have a touch of an unusual flair, then you might want to take a browse around the Etsy store and look at what is available there. You can get a wide array of one of a kind homemade blankets there, often for far cheaper than you can get the mass produced stuff, and you can also get some rather creative designs like the cool R2D2 design bedding above.


Alternatively, if you are looking to save money and already have some dark black or navy blue sheets and bedding, you can achieve a simple but effective Star Wars aesthetic by just adding a character plush or pillow to the bed. There's Darth Vadar on the right, and in the same series you can also get a Millennium Falcon plush! Pretty cool.

Next, Let's Decorate Those Walls...


When decorating your walls in a Star Wars theme, be sure not to go too dark. Blacks, very dark grays and dark navy blues will create the illusion that the room is much smaller than it is, and make anyone in it feel quite claustrophobic. While blues and grays seem like the obvious choice for this theme, it is very important that you pick up a sample, swatch or chip of any color you are considering in order to get a feel for how it will affect the aesthetic of the room. On the right I've included some links to sites where you can get free or reasonably cheap paint samples - they are worth a look!

Here's a tip from my own childhood - kids are crazy about glow in the dark stuff. I had glow in the dark stars in my bedroom when I was five, and I simply adored them! They match very well with the Star Wars theme, as they allow you to turn the room into your very own galaxy far, far away.

The one warning I would give is that you might want to avoid these if your child has trouble sleeping at night. They can be pretty distracting!


There are plenty of posts, prints and canvas art pieces on Etsy which match the Star Wars theme, so I highly recommend taking a look - you are likely to find some bargains. One of my personal favorites is this set of six 'design schematic' style prints of various vehicles from the Star Wars universe. The best one is the X-wing in my opinion!

If you have a creative streak, an easy way to save a ton of money on wall decor is to create your own amazing Star Wars art! This is a fun one for kids too, since their can cover their walls in their own cool drawings of their favorite characters.

Not got an artistic bone in your body? First of all, don't be silly, everybody does. If you need a bit of support though, you can make some simple but effective block art by just painting in stencils of your favorite characters. The official Star Wars website provides a number of completely free stencils that you can use to create a range of designs.

There's Loads of Lightsaber Themed Décor Ideas Out There For Your Walls


The lightsaber is one of the most iconic symbols of the Star Wars franchise; the pure embodiment of the Force made manifest in a burst of sword shaped energy! As you can can imagine then, you can find some seriously amazing pieces of lightsaber themed bedroom accessories out there. My personal favorite is the wall light featured in the picture above. It has the advantage of being remote controlled, so your son or daughter can control it without having to get out of bed. It will light up in 8 different colors so you can have your favorite character's lightsaber illuminating the room.

There are about as many tutorials out there on making a lightsaber as there are stars in the sky or stormtroopers on the Death Star, so making your own as a toy has never been easier. But have you ever thought about using home-made lightsabers as a piece of bedroom decor? One of the Science Technicians at my old highschool helped to design the original lightsaber (and was a Stormtrooper extra in the Empire Strikes Back!) and he has a light saber mounted on a set of wall hooks in his living room. It really an effective look - kind of like hanging up a decorative sword or coat of arms!


Optional: Star Wars Furniture

This is one only for those without a constraining budget, as furniture can be quite expensive. However, if you can get it, it will look absolutely incredible. Take the stark and bold Darth Vadar upholstered chair on the right - it's so cool!

If you want some plain furniture that matches the Star Wars theme, stick to stark and minimalist pieces in black or white, or scifi style furniture like bubble chairs. For some ideas, you might want to check out my guide to decorating a Sci-Fi themed bedroom - a lot of my recommendations there work perfectly with the Star Wars theme.


Etsy is a treasure trove of unique, one of a kind and unusual Star Wars themed furniture, and with the release of The Force Awakens the amount of bespoke beauties out there is going to be steeply on the rise. Many of these pieces are homemade, and will add a personal flair to your bedroom that no one else in the galaxy will possess.

Star Wars Lighting


Even bedrooms from a galaxy far, far away need some cool lighting, and you can get some very nice lamps and lamp shades out there. My personal favorite is the super nostalgic lamp above, which is made from REAL recycled film strips from the Star Wars movies. When lit, it casts the images across the walls! Naturally, there is a limited supply of these so I recommend buying it as fast as you can.

If you are decorating on a budget, a plain black or navy blue lamp shade can be very effective in a Star Wars themed bedroom, as can a variety of generic space themed lamps. You can find a few of them at my Outer Space themed bedroom decorating guide here.

Bedroom Accessories


Next, you'll need to decorate the bedroom with an array of Star Wars themed toys, plushies, figurines and other accessories that will lend the room a personal touch, as well as giving your child lots of fun things to play with. If you've still got room in the budget, there are lots of fun things you can buy. I particularly like the range of Star Wars ship models, such as the Millennium Falcon one above. They are a combination of fun toys, bedroom décor and a great family activity when it comes to building and painting them! ,

DIY Star Wars Bedroom Decor


If you are shopping on a budget, then you are in luck - there is a crazy amount of DIY projects you can get involved with to make cheap, easy and effective Star Wars decorations for your home. These projects are a great way to make sure you fill every blank space without breaking the bank. For example, above is a simple to follow guide to transforming an old globe into a Death Star ornament! Pretty cool!


It is also worth looking into the wide range of free printables available for Star Wars themed parties, as many of them are also appropriate for decorating a bedroom. For example, the party pack at the link above comes with a free Jedi Master certificate that would look great framed on a wall of mantelpiece. It also comes with Star Wars themed bunting which can be used to decorate a bed frame or hung around the walls as a sort of wall border.


There are plenty of Star Wars figurines out there, but why spend money when you can make your own? Above and below are some exciting tutorials for making R2D2 and Darth Vadar themed paper and cardboard ornaments that look wonderful. Your child's friends will never believe they were free!

Thanks for Stopping By!

Thanks for taking a look at my article on Star Wars bedroom décor. I hope you found some fun ideas that your child will love! If you have any more Star Wars decorating tips, why not drop me a comment below? I hope to hear from you all!

If you liked this page and would like to see more, be sure to check out my blog for all of the best themed bedroom ideas for all ages on the net.

Before You Go...

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    • DrBillSmithWriter profile image

      William Leverne Smith 

      4 years ago from Hollister, MO

      I've seen so much Star Wars stuff, but I'm always amazed to see new things I hadn't seen before. Nice presentation. Thanks for sharing! ;-)


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