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How to Decorate an Infant's Room with Non-Traditional Themes

Updated on September 29, 2012

Besides Pink and Blue for Baby's Room

Are you planning for a new little member of your family? Is it time to decorate the nursery and you are balking at using the traditional pink and blue? Maybe you want something other than teddy bears and nursery rhymes for the infant's room.

You don't have to stick with the traditional colors and designs to decorate your baby's room. You can venture outside the expected design and come up with something that suits you better. You just have to know how to make changes that will still work for a baby's nursery.

Don't be afraid to experiment with unusual themes.

Wall stickers often interest babies when they get are able to crawl and look around.
Wall stickers often interest babies when they get are able to crawl and look around. | Source

Add a Second Color

If you want to create a unique nursery but feel pressured to add some traditional pink or blue elements, you can find a new way to incorporate them. Add a second color that is not usually thought of for a nursery. For instance, pair pink with grey or brown. Blue would work well with green or grey.

You can also switch genders with the colors. Instead of giving my daughter a pink bedroom, I used blue. I had already painted the guest room blue with a water theme before she was born. When she came along, I wanted her to have a room that was all hers, but I really liked the blue theme. What I decided to do was to add lavender to the color scheme, making it more of a girly room without losing the deep blue that I liked.

Ponies are great for a baby's room.

Choose colored ponies for a nursery.
Choose colored ponies for a nursery. | Source

The Theme

Deciding on a theme can be just as difficult as choosing the color. If you want something that is different from the traditional teddy bears or nursery rhyme characters, you can create a special room that is still baby-friendly. Here are some tips:

  • Make an adult theme more child-friendly. Horses can become ponies, wild animals can turn into animated characters. The key is to keep some adult accents and combine them with nursery accessories. For instance, in my child's bedroom, I combined my dolphins with characters from Nemo to make a great combination.
  • Make a child theme more grown up. Look for more elegant Mickey or Minnie Mouse figurines and accents. Combine it with realistic-looking mice. Or if that is just too creepy, go for Daisy and add elegant ducks to go with it.

A Collector's item can become a treasure someday.

My daughter loves this doll.
My daughter loves this doll. | Source

How to Make It Work

If you want to move away entirely from traditional themes and colors for your baby, you can still create a warm design in the infant's room. Use toys to make the room seem child-like. You can also find other items such as collector dolls or trains that will add beauty to a nursery and still work well as they grow.

Instead of spending a lot of money on paint or wallpaper and decorations that they will soon outgrow, add baby accents in the form of blankets and pillows. This is a great way to decorate a nursery that also has to double as a guest room. You can create a warm environment for guests that is not too overwhelming with baby items while designing a room for a baby.

Whether you are trying to make the room multi-functional or just prefer a non-traditional look, you can create a nursery you will be proud of and your baby will enjoy.


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