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How to Effectively Maintain Your Engraved Office Signs

Updated on January 1, 2014
Engraved Signs
Engraved Signs

Keeping your engraved office signs properly maintained will help keep these from deteriorating fast, which will help enable you to use these longer, which will also help you save money. For you to be able to do this, you will need to have a maintenance program in place the very moment you start acquiring signs for your business. This maintenance program should include schedules for cleaning and care to ensure that these signs are at their best at all times.

A maintenance program for signage often lists down when the signs were acquired and how often these are to be cleaned. The regularity of cleaning schedules and the kind of maintenance these engraved office signs should be subjected to will often depend on where these are located (inside or outside), as well as the kind of material these are made out of. Some materials cannot withstand constant cleaning, or should not be cleaned with the use of water while others need to be cleaned regularly and with water-based cleaning agents for these to be useful longer.

Engraved Office Signs
Engraved Office Signs

Tips for Your Maintenance Plans for Engraved Office Signs

When you are putting together your maintenance plans for engraved office signs, one of the things you need to remember is that not all signs are created equal. Some signs can last longer than others, despite regular maintenance and cleaning. This is because of a number of factors that include where the sign is located, the material used for the sign and how often it is subjected to harsh or tough conditions. Also worth noting is whether or not these are handled by human hands on a daily basis (such as tactile and ADA compliant Braille signs) since this can also speed up signage deterioration.

For you to be able to help keep your signs from looking old and worn fast, here are some maintenance and cleaning tips you should try to keep in mind:

Make sure that plastic and wood signs are not mounted in direct sunlight. – Whether indoors or outdoors, wood and plastic engraved signs can easily deteriorate when UV rays hit them. Making sure that these are not hit by sunlight can help prolong their usefulness, thereby saving you money since you won’t need to constantly replace these signs due to fading.

Clean plastic signs once a week with a mild, water based cleaning agent and wipe these off with a clean, soft rag. – While plastic is a tough and resilient type of material, scratching is still possible if you use cleaning agents that are harsh and rough. Make sure that you use a mild cleaning agent, like a mild dishwashing liquid diluted with warm water, to clean off your signs’ surfaces and to wipe off the moisture with a clean, soft rag. Try to use microfiber cloths for this to ensure that there are no scratches on the surface of your signs when you wipe these off.

Clean wooden signs with a cleaning agent ideal for use with wood. – While wood signs are often laminated or coated with a protective coating, it is still advisable that you use a cleaning agent that won’t damage the wood in any way. Moisture can easily damage wood, so using cleaning agents that are water based or alcohol based may be ill advised. If you have to clean using water, wipe your signs down immediately to ensure that the moisture does not penetrate your engraved office signs made out of wood. Protect these with a water-proofing agent like a wood-polish or wax to ensure that no moisture damages it.

Clean metal engraved office signs with mild cleaning agents and polish with metal polish. – Most metal signs are made using corrosion and tarnish resistant metals. This is why it is okay to clean these with water based cleaning agents. Using a mild dishwashing liquid in warm water with a soft, clean rag can help remove dirt and grime on these signs. Always wipe these off dry with a clean, and dry soft rag. Just like plastic signs, make sure you use a rag or piece of microfiber cloth for this to prevent the appearance of fine scratches on the surface of your metal signs. Protect your metal engraved office signs from quickly deteriorating by using a metal polish on it to protect it from harsh chemicals and oils, while giving it a good shine at the same time.

Engraved Signage
Engraved Signage


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