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How to Fake a Clean House Within 30 Minutes

Updated on January 15, 2016

Need a Day off?

As a stay-at-home mom of three children, I find that I don't get time "off" like my husband usually does. This used to bother me, but after a while, I decided I'll make my own time to relax while everyone else is gone. So, on those days I need to take a load off, I "fake" clean my home in about 30 minutes and then enjoy the rest of my day relaxing. Here's how I do it. (And, by the way, my husband always comes home thinking I've been cleaning and organizing all day.)


If you're lucky enough to have the disposable income, I highly recommend investing in a Roomba. They are easy to use, just touch the clean button and let it go. You can program it to clean every day at a certain time, or do a quick spot clean. These vacuums go over carpet and hardwood and it's a surprisingly thorough clean. A clean floor always makes a space feel tidy. Of course, not everyone can just go out and buy a Roomba. In this case, spot clean with your vacuum. It takes just a few minutes to go over the highest traffic areas of your home. And, of course, you'll need to sweep your floors. Quickly Swiffer, or sweep dining room and kitchen.

Floor Cleaners -- Roomba

iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum
iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum

I absolutely love having this available. We actually ended up purchasing one for each floor of my house. They reach the places we can't go, like under the bed, under the couch, and it gets the corners pretty well! I've never had a problem with it and it has been a huge time saver. We have two dogs and five people in our family and I run my vacuum probably once almost every day. It is well-made (my kids actually ride it) and cleans well. The brushes are easy to clean and all the parts are easily replaceable if they do happen to break. I highly recommend investing in this product if you want to save some time and hassle.


Ooooh that fresh, clean smell

One of the first things someone will notice when walking into a home is the smell. This is where the trusty candles, Febreeze, or tart warmers come in handy. Every, single day, no matter whether I've done a deep clean or a spot clean, I always spray my curtains with either Febreeze, or a homemade version (made with scented fabric softener and hot water). It always gives my home a fresh smell (and masks the fact that I have two dogs who love my couch).

What's cooking?

While we're on the topic of smells, think about throwing something in the slow cooker in the morning. My go-to is a pot roast with carrots, potatoes, mushrooms, onion soup mix, etc. The house smells amazing and it's a total time-saver not having to spend an hour cooking dinner. Ask any real estate agent about their open houses, and I guarantee you most of them will tell you people respond to good smelling food. I know plenty of agents who warm up cookies in the ovens at an open house to butter up the potential buyers.

Clear up the Clutter

The next step is clearing your countertops and clearing the clutter. Obviously any clutter left out needs to be picked up. I have three kids, so anything that is quick is my go-to. I have baskets I keep in almost every room so that I can quickly pick up toys and run up to their rooms. Then it's up to them to put empty the basket every day. I also clear off my countertops. This usually only takes about 5 minutes and then I wipe down the kitchen with a wipe. Either Clorox, Lysol, etc. or I make my own. Recipes can be found on Pinterest.

Gross.....the Bathroom

Whenever my mother comes over she always uses the bathroom. So I always make sure to have a fresh hand towel for her to use, and I use those handy-dandy wipes to wipe down the toilet and kitchen sink. It also helps to have a plug-in air freshener.

Make the Bed!

I know, what's the point in making a bed if you're just going to get back in it later that night, right? Well, some studies suggest having a clean bedroom and a made bed can actually help you relax so you'll fall asleep faster. With three children, it's a battle to get them to make their bed, but they love sleeping bags. So I found a combo that works pretty well! To make their bed all they have to do is zip it up.

Zip Up Bedding

Zipit Bedding Set, Rock Princess - Full
Zipit Bedding Set, Rock Princess - Full

I don't have to worry about my kids not making the bed "the right way." It's incredibly easy to zip and has clean lines that always make their rooms look nice and tidy. Comes in a variety of fun patterns for a bright and colorful child's room.


You're Done!

That's it! With all of that, you should be done in 20-30 minutes. I you have more time (and energy), keep going with a spot clean, but if you're in need of a day to yourself, you're house should look like it's in tip-top shape and you can enjoy a good book or movie. So when you think about cleaning, just think about what it is people notice when they first walk into your home and focus on those areas (kitchen counters, living room floors, bathroom sinks, clutter). Enjoy your extra time!


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