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How to Find Good Lead Abatement Contractors

Updated on January 18, 2012

Older homes may need lead abatement to remove potential safety hazards. For example, lead paint is a particular hazard in homes with young children. Real estate owners needing to check up on their options should learn how to find well-trained lead abatement contractors for lead inspection and removal.

All contractors performing lead projects need to be certified by the government. At the federal level, the Environmental Protection Agency is the responsible entity for regulating lead-abatement activities. In some cases, a state agency is authorized and performs the work of certifying and regulating contractors.

Before learning how to find a lead abatement contractor that is properly certified by the applicable government agency, you should be familiar with the jurisdiction of the EPA. Where the EPA is in charge, contractors need not worry about state certification. When a state is in charge, then contractors working in that state must be locally certified by the applicable state certifying agency for lead abatement.

In addition, to that, understand that a contractor headquartered in one state may be certified to do work in another state. For example, Texas has its own state certifying agency. However, some firms located in Texas and certified locally are also certified for work in New Mexico and other states by the EPA. Thus, a contractor may have both state-based and EPA-based certification.

With that in mind, go to the EPA's "Locate Certified Abatement Firms" page. There is a search engine on that page. Use that search engine to find EPA-certified lead abatement contractors. Ideally, you should use this search engine if the home or building where you are considering work is covered by the EPA. However, when you do your search, you may look in multiple states to find a contractor who is certified to do work in your state.

In other words, let's say you are from Arizona. That state is covered by the EPA programs. While there are plenty of Arizona firms that are certified by the EPA to do lead abatement in Arizona, there are also some California firms that can do Arizona work. Generally, you would just pick a local contractor. But this is not necessary if you have some reason to consult with an out-of-state firm. This situation may arise when you know someone you trust from out of state, you live close to the state border and find it actually more convenient to contact an out-of-state firm, etc.

On the other hand, if the home needing lead abatement is located in a state regulated by a state agency, then you need to either check with that agency or call for information using the following number:

National Lead Information Center - 800-424-5323

You can also find the agency certifying contractors in your state by using the EPA's "Lead Abatement Professionals" page. There is both a map and list of links of states authorized to conduct their own lead abatement contractor certification on that page. Find the agency and list of local authorized contractors by using the resources on that state's particular website.


EPA: Locate Certified Abatement Firms

EPA: Lead Abatement Professionals


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