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How to Find a New York City House

Updated on July 20, 2010

Finding New York City Homes for Sale

House hunters in the New York City area can use various kinds of listing services to find a New York City house. Private real estate associations provide listings of New York City homes for sale. Home buyers looking for cheap deals can also find online listings of New York City HUD homes for sale. Additionally, online sites also provide listings of New York City foreclosures. House hunters can use the numerous online listing services to run a search for New York City homes and contact an agent about buying a New York City house.

MLS Listings for New York City:

The Realtor website, owned by the National Association of Realtors, provides listings of homes for sale by agents on the open market. You use these listings to find features and pricing for the New York City house you would like to purchase.

To get started, go to the Realtor home page (see Sources). Once there, enter "New York City" in the search box and click the 'Search" button. You will see the first page of the listings on the next page.

If you want to narrow your search, look on the left-hand side for the various home features, such as number of bedrooms. Narrow down your by selecting the features you want. As yo select features, the search results will change.

Once you have narrowed down your search, go ahead and click on any of the pictures of New York City homes in the listings. When you click on a picture, you get an individual information page. Use that page to get more information on the New York City house. You can also get contact information or a contact form on each home's individual page.

New York City HUD Homes

National Home Management Solutions manages the sale of HUD homes throughout the state of New York. When HUD buys a foreclosed home, it then puts the home up for sale to private bidders. Instead of selling the homes by itself, HUD hires different management companies throughout the country. National Home Management Solutions handles HUD New York City house sales.

Click on "New York" and then "Search by City" to find New York City homes for sale by HUD. Click on individual listings to get more information on each home. To place a bid on a HUD home, you need to find a broker or agent authorized to place bids on HUD properties in your local New York area.

In each listing, you will see a link to find a "HUD registered broker." Click on the link to find a city-based search engine for New York HUD brokers. Run a search to find and contact a broker to place a bid on any New York City properties you would like to buy.

Finding New York City Foreclosures

Click on New York on the map that you find on the Free Foreclosure Database home page (see Sources). Free Foreclosure Database provides free listings of foreclosures, HUD homes and other foreclosed properties throughout the country.

When you click on New York on the map, you will see city listings. To find a New York house for sale by foreclosure, click on "New York" or surrounding cities. From there, you will get listings of foreclosures. Some of the foreclosures are being sold by an agent for a bank. Contact the agent for further information on these New York homes. In the case of HUD homes for sale, look above at the National Home Management Solutions instructions to find a local real estate broker registered with HUD to place bids on New York City properties.


National Home Management Solutions Home Page

Realtor Home Page

Free Foreclosure Database


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