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How to Get Furniture for Free

Updated on March 24, 2013

Get furniture for free!

Get furniture for free
Get furniture for free | Source

How to get free furniture

Furniture can be really expensive. However, there are ways to get furniture for free.

Use Craigslist or Freecyle.

Using Craigslist, an online classified ad site, or Freecycle, an online forum to give away or request items, you can get free furniture. While some of the furniture isn’t great quality, you can often get decent furniture from people who are decluttering, moving, or got new furniture.

Ask friends and family.

If someone you know is getting new furniture, they might be willing to give you their old furniture. Increase the odds of this generous donation by offering to babysit their kids, mow the lawn, or do some other chore for them.

Search the curbs.

In many communities, people place items they don’t want out at the curb for other people to get or, if no one takes them, for the garbagemen to dispose of. I find that the best place to get great items for free is near college campuses. Rather than move items, students will toss area rubs, futons, lamps, dorm fridges, microwaves, and other furniture. Most of these items are only a year old and are in great condition. Students generally move out in two waves. The first is at the end of the spring semester, usually mid-May. The second is at the end of July, as most leases start at the beginning of August. We’ve found many great items this way over the years. Last year a alone we got two desks, two leather office chairs, a lamp, two plastic patio chairs, and a papasan cushion that became a dog bed. We could have gotten many more items, but we only took what we could use.

Help people move.

Often when people move, they have items that won’t fit on the truck or in the new house or they just decide they no longer want them. If you’re there helping, the items will often be offered to you.


As long as a piece of furniture is still sturdy, don’t shy away from furniture that’s a bit dirty or worn. Wood can be sanded down and stained, varnished, or painted. Fabric can easily be cleaned if you have a carpet cleaner with an upholstery attachment or by renting a Rug Doctor upholstery cleaner from the grocery or hardware store. You could also cover it with a slipcover. A bit of work can give new life to furniture and save you a lot of money in the process!


Don’t take items just because they’re free. If you don’t have a use for and don’t have a place for it, don’t take it!


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