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How to Get Lowe's, Home Depot and Best Buy 10% off Cards

Updated on July 10, 2009

Last June I made a big move from my home in Arizona to a completely new home in Missouri. Yes, indeed a very big move! The trip was quite exhausting with 2 Rottweilers in the back seats of our pick up truck, hauling a U'-haul trailer and 2 cat carriers in the front, leaving not much room to breath.

The most exhausting part of this 30 hours drive was the arrival however, as we had bought this home over the Internet and it was a bit far off from the ''live in'' condition it had been described to be. We did not buy the home blind folded, we had actually come to see it prior to closing, but you really do not realize the amount of work there is to do until you actually set in to live in it.

Well, it turned out that the home needed:

1) A new roof which we had taken care of in the winter already because our home owner's insurance would not cover us until it was replaced

2) Sheet rock and insulation in the entrance room

3) A fence to contain our dogs because I was always getting a hear attack when they went too close to our busy street

4) Lots of paint to clean up spots on the walls

5) New doors because oddly there were none separating the bedrooms from the living room

6) A new stove because the old one was a piece of antique from General Electric but with a fake oven

7) A dish washer (yes I hate hand washing)

8) Some vinyl tiles to cover the old ones

9) Carpet because the old one was pretty much in bad shape

10) Various accessories like brushes, door knobs, hinges and all the alike

We really were overwhelmed by the amount of work! But worst of all, we were really tight on budget as many people are in these tough economic times. However, something really came handy at this critical time of need.

The only home improvement store near our rural town was about 30 miles away and it was Lowe's .Now , I had remembered that upon moving, in my change of address form I had about two 10% discount cards from Lowe's.

I really was getting one change of address form at first but then the clerk at the post office asked me if my husband and I had different last names. When I said yes, she told me then to take two. That left me therefore, with two discount cards.

These were marvelous gifts that really help us cut off costs! Simply think of the great savings upon spending around $1000 dollars in material to improve the home. It may not seem really a lot, but in these dark times it was sufficient to make me feel happy.

Too bad, that those two quickly went away fast. But guess what? Upon getting my first mail in my new home, I got a welcome package with another two of them for further discounts. I was thrilled!

Then it happened that one day the guy working at our home saw one of these cards on my table. He asked me how I got it and I told him that they were courtesy of the change of address forms. Of course, he was disappointed because he was not moving soon and as a construction worker he would have greatly benefited in saving money because he used to buy products at Lowe's on a daily basis for his business.

So I tried to help him out. We even asked the Lowe's delivery man that came to deliver my dish washer in my home that day, if he knew anything on where to get these cards. He said that sometimes they came up in flyers in the newspaper but really, we have not seen those for quite a while.

So I casually went on the Internet and tada! I found several actually lots of Lowe's 10%  discount gift cards on Ebay! Of course, who else could have those! Some of them were close to expiring but most of them were actually a month or more away.

Think of my surprise then to find, Home Depot and Best Buy 10% discount gift cards as well!

Of course you have to pay something for these in order to win them, but they are surely worth it if you are going to some great remodeling. Some even offer free shipping. Every few dollars you save can surely be worth a lot in these days of sinking economy! Happy remodeling! I am still working on it and the work never seems to end!

Lot's of Work Ahead!


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