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How to Get Radon Abatement Services

Updated on January 18, 2012

Indoor radon poses a risk of harm to inhabitants of a home or workers in an office. Those who would like to reduce the potential harm should learn how to hire a contractor for radon abatement services.

The methods used to search for a radon contractor depend on your particular goal. For example, if you own an existing home or building, then you should focus on finding an expert that can use a radon reduction system for the abatement of this potentially hazardous gas. However, if you are building a new building, some contractors use specific construction techniques designed to reduce the buildup of radon in a building after construction.

Radon Services for New Buildings:

The Environmental Protection Agency has a directory of construction firms that use "radon-resistant construction techniques" for new buildings (RRNC). This is an ever-growing list of firms that have reported to and registered with the EPA as an RRNC builder. In the Sources below, you can find a link to the directory page on the EPA's website.

Again, these are not exactly radon abatement services. But if you are constructing a new home or office building, this is like preventive medicine. Do this now as part of the construction (at potentially the same price as a non-RRNC contractor) so you don't have to "cure" the sick building later.

On the directory page, you can find the list of firms and websites for most of those firms. Now, it is still important to make sure the builder has any required certifications, as EPA does not verify this information on an individual basis.

Radon Abatement Services for Existing Buildings:

This is one of those areas that may or may not have state regulations. Because there is no specific federal licensing or certification for radon abatement contractors, you will need to check with your individual state first to see if there are certification requirements.

On the EPA website, there is a "State Radon Contact Information" page. On that page, use the map to click on and find the contact information for your state. If there are state registration requirements for radon firms and workers, you should be able to get a list of certified companies or individuals through the certifying agency. You will find the contact information after clicking on your state.

Once having determined which organizations are properly certified (if requirements exist), you should then contact these contractors on an individual basis and request an assessment and estimate of the cost of radon abatement services. If there is no certification requirement in your state, then you can ask local construction experts for a referral to a radon specialist.

Once you have decided what services to get, then hire a contractor that you trust for the price you feel the contractor is worth. This is not necessarily the cheapest quote. You may wish to pay a little more to a radon contractor who has adequately explained all of your options and answered your questions instead of a cheaper outfit that seems less knowledgeable or willing to help you make this tough decision.


EPA: Directory of Builders Using RRNC

EPA: State Radon Contact Information


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