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How to Get Wax Out of Carpet

Updated on April 19, 2012

Uh Oh, Pet Carpet Accident........and it's not #1 or #2

Recently, I posted a Hub about how to get wax out of cat fur.

This Hub is about how to get wax out of your carpet. (I figured I might as well show others how to do this since I had to put this task at the top of my "Honey do" list after my wife saw the Hub about the cat)..........Hmmmm, the cat was fine however the wax was still on the carpet for some reason I couldn't very well explain.

Here's what you'll need:

An Iron.

A Bunch of paper towels. (depending on if you are cleaning a few drops, or the remains of a very full candle warmer that your loving cat spilled).

An old tee shirt, or old cotton sheet.


Getting started

Take a few moments and recall how you got stuck with this mess in the first place and make mental notes on how to prevent it from happening again. I'm just showing that I follow my own advice to our children. (in case the kids ever read this,....ha ha ha.......... which is unlikely, as that would mean they were researching how to CLEAN something)

1. Find a safe place to set up the iron so you won't accidentally bump into it and pre-heat it. I used the #6 setting out of 7 different heat settings.

2. Scrape away as much loose dried wax as possible, but try not to press it further into the carpet.

3. Then fold several sections of paper towels in half, making it double layered.

My obsessive compulsive, anal retentive pictures for the written instructions disabled


Outer Spot Gone

Heat and Absorb the Wax Into the Paper Towels

Start at the outer edge of the wax spill and place the iron on top of the paper towel which you'll place over the wax. I illustrated this to show that if you start at the top of the paper towel you'll maximize your materials. (starting at the center means you'll waste a lot of the paper towel's surface area, and once it's been saturated with melted wax, you'll only be liquifying it back into the carpet if you go over that same area on the paper towel over and over)

Continue ironing over the paper towel moving it further and further along each time so you can "soak" up the melted wax. Once you have filled the paper towel as much as possible, get a few more and repeat this step with new dry paper towels until virtually no more wax can be lifted.

***Be careful not to let the hot iron touch the carpet fibers. They may singe or melt making things worse.

NOTE: Only advance the paper towel, not the area you are trying to clean. Just a little bit of wax will take a large amount of paper towel surface area to be completely absorbed. Go slowly and take your time. After you are sure you got all the wax from one area, move on to the next. Keep repeating this procedure until you have soaked up all of it.

After you get as much as you can with the paper towels, place the tee shirt or old sheet over the entire area and press firmly while ironing the entire area. You will be able to press more firmly and pause longer with the cotton material than with the paper because it will not burn as easily. (this may be over kill, but I could still feel a slight waxy residue after the paper towels were used).


Finishing Up

After you are done, vacuum the entire area and repeat the above procedure for any spots you may have missed.

That's it, good as new......well, almost.

I did see some slight color fading, but in my case the wax sat untreated for several weeks, and there were likely dyes of some sort in the wax which was spilled.


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