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How to Get the Most Out of Your Space

Updated on July 31, 2017
Dylan Buckley profile image

Dylan is a freelance writer specializing in the self-development and cryptocurrency investment industries who loves producing great content.

The desire to organize and organizational skills are both things that people either seem to have or have completely missed out on. Luckily for those who don’t have these qualities, both of those things are something that you can develop. If you have a tendency to throw your belongings around or if you always return to your home being a mess, take a look at the tips below to help you get organized and get the most out of your space.

1. Closets Are Your Friend, Not Your Foe

It always seems like there is not enough space in your closet. It’s a frustrating truth and one that makes us want to give up using closets altogether. However, there are solutions to this never-ending battle. Instead of attempting to shove everything you own into a straight line, use things such as used soda tabs, another hanger, or paper clips to hang multiple pieces of clothing on the same hanger. Install additional rods on the sides and the tops of your closets to create more space from which to hang more clothes. You can also place shelves and hanging storage on the top of your closet, the bottom of your closet, and on the back of the closet door to hold larger items such as shoes, belts, ties, and other irregularly shaped objects.

2. Think Inside the Box

Boxes can become a problem if you use them wrong. We have all seen those people who have mountains of boxes sitting in the corner of their bedroom. This is an example of a wrong way to use boxes for storage. A correct example of using boxes properly includes placing them into drawers to better organize your clothing and belongings, placing them in closets to hold shoes and other objects, or putting them under the bed to hold objects that you would not keep anywhere else.

3. Wall Space IS an Option

Not everyone has the floor space necessary to hold all of their things. This is when wall space becomes valuable. Install hangers or racks onto your walls so that you can hang things like hats, light shirts and jackets, ties, jewelry, scarves, and other things that you are not able to store anywhere else. Although it’s not ideal, it is possible to make it look good with the rest of your living area and it will make it easier to access certain belongings that use daily.

4. Get Creative

Almost anywhere can be a storage space if you want it to be. Take advantage of the spaces that you never considered could be used for storage. For example, you can always store stuff in the ottoman that you use or the coffee table that you have in the living room. The wall space behind your bed that may normally have a painting or blank space is a perfect place for shelves or other types of hanging storage. Even the sides of counters and bookshelves can be utilized if you really need the space. Get creative and you’ll be surprised how much unused storage space there actually is in your home.

5. Recycle Used Objects

Things such as cans, jars, and toilet paper rolls are not things that you should trash if you’re looking to get the most out of your space. Even though it may seem that these things are unsightly and will only create more clutter in your house, they are useful tools. Cans and jars are great storage containers for small objects around the house that you need to keep organized, especially if you have a large quantity of those objects. Do you have loose cords or other long, thin objects lying around your house that have nowhere to go? You can easily wrap them inside of a toilet paper roll and place them into a drawer to keep them separated and organized. Do you drink a lot of milk? Cut the milk jugs in half and use those milk jugs to keep magazines or toys organized on your shelves. If you don’t think that you can make these things match with your décor, decorate them and then put them to use. You might as well put them to better use if you could use the extra space.

When it comes to storage, there are an unlimited number of ways that you could organize the things that you own. Experiment, find better ways, and stick to what best works for you.

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© 2017 Dylan Buckley


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    • Haleykieser profile image

      Haley Kieser 

      8 months ago from Arizona

      Great read. Will be bookmarking for when I move into my new apartment.


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