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How to Grow Bamboo and how to profit from it

Updated on April 16, 2012

What is Bamboo?

Given the height of some bamboos (over 100 feet tall), the answer to the question, What is bamboo? may be somewhat surprising. But the bamboos are, indeed, classified aswoody, evergreen, perennial grasses.

Geographically, bamboos are most closely associated with the Orient, sub-Saharan Africa and Central and South America. Botanically, a great number of the bamboos can easily be recognized by their prominent, hollow stems, known as "culms," punctuated at intervals bynodes.

Types Of Bamboo

  • Timber Bamboo
  • Mountain Bamboo
  • Classic Bamboo

  • Dwarf Bamboo
  • Edible Bamboo

How to Grow Bamboo

Wondering how to grow bamboo? Well, bamboo can be propagated from rhizomes. The small bamboo houseplants can even be grown in water. These can be grown outdoors as well as indoors. Wondering how to grow bamboo indoors? If you wish to use them as decorative plants, you can go to a garden center or nursery and get a plant or buy healthy canes of bamboo. You can place canes in glass or ceramic containers. Fill three quarters of the container with water and place it at a place where they receive partial sun. Change the water every week. Surely, it is a simple method, but for those who wish to grow this beautiful plant outdoors, the best way to grow bamboo is growing bamboo from cuttings.

The first step in learning how to grow bamboo is picking a cultivar and beginning to unravel its many mysteries. While most of us picture tall stands of green and golden canes growing in tropical bamboo forests, bamboo cultivars range from the temperate to the tropical. As well as diversity in cultivar, bamboo has over 1500 documented uses that range from use in construction to the making of acupuncture needles and from agricultural fodder to the making of musical instruments. Until they are cut, bamboos stems are properly called culms and not canes. In India bamboo plants are commonly called the "Wood of the poor" and in China the" friend of the people". To add to the confusion, a cultivar commonly sold as "lucky bamboo" isn't bamboo at all but a type of lily from the Dracaena family!

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Caring for Indoor Bamboo Plants

Growing Medium: Prepare potting media by mixing equal parts of small rocks, gravel, sand and clay.  Most hobbyists opt for placing a pebble tray underneath the container to provide high humidity level. What you can do is purchase a shallow tray and place nearly equal sized pebbles. Pour some water in the tray at all times, which after evaporation, increases the humidity level.

Watering: Another important tip for caring indoor bamboo plants is irrigation with filtered water. In usual, indoor warm temperature cause rapid drying of soil. Hence, you need to water bamboo plants regularly, whenever the top soil becomes dry.

Fertilization: Supplementing potting mixture with a correct dose of fertilizer is of utmost important for maintaining indoor bamboo plants.In order to promote luxuriant leaf growth, use a water soluble, high nitrogen and low potash fertilizer.

Repotting: As the indoor bamboo plants become root bound, it indicates time for repotting. However, repotting is not necessary, if you prefer to maintain dwarf bamboo plants. For this, you can trim one third of the root system and place in the same pot.

Profiting and Markets for Bamboo Cultivators

Bamboos could be used for many different purposes, and one can make profit by selling various products made from this plant. Fresh bamboo shoots are used for edible purposes, and selling bamboo as a food could turn out to be highly profitable. The wood obtained from bamboo is also used as construction material. The use of bamboo flooring is a common practice in many countries. Thus, one should target this section of the market and try to gain profits. Bamboo rugs are also used in many homes. Therefore, one should take into account various uses of bamboo while undertaking its production.


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