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How to Grow Beans and Peas in a Garden or Farm

Updated on May 23, 2018
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A bean plant and beans


When To Grow Peas & Beans

Beans and Peas are cool weather plants, meaning they grow well at the very beginning of the spring season and in the fall season.

Hot weather stunts the growth and production of these plants.

Peas are actually the very first things that people plant during the growing season since they are so hardy in the cooler temperatures.

New Pea And Bean Support

Soil For Peas & Beans

Peas and beans are hardy and they are one of the easiest plants to grow.

They require a sunny spot with well-drained soil.

The best soil for beans and peas need an optimal soil pH of 6.0 to 6.7.

They do not do well in extremely acidic or alkaline soil.

How Peas & Beans Grow

Beans and Peas can either grow in the bush or pole variety.

If you have a bush bean or pole, you will not need support since they can hold their own weight. They are shorter to the ground and don't tower over other plants. Bush plants have shorter production periods. They may only produce beans or peas for a few weeks out of the year.

Pole beans and peas need support or they will grow all over the ground, crowding out other plants and picking up bacteria from the ground. They are very prolific, which means they produce lots of beans and peas over a longer period of time.

Bean & Pea Support

Pole beans and peas need some sort of support to keep them off the ground. The plants can grow taller than an adult person with the right mix of soil, light and variety of bean or pea. The bean and pea plant will curl up any support you put near it.

You could use a pole, a fence a trellis or garden netting. One way you could make your own bean or pea support is by tying three sticks together at the top and spreading the bottom area to make a teepee. Push the tepee'd sticks into the ground to stop it from blowing over in the wind.

Where To Grow Peas & Beans

Grow beans and peas in well-drained soil, in a sunny (but not hot) location.

Make sure there is a support system close by for the pole versions of the plants.

You could grow peas and beans in pots that are six or more inches deep, but they seem to prefer more room for their roots.

Food & Water For Beans & Peas

Keep the soil around the bean and pea plants moist, but not wet. Try to water them a little each day.

No need to add nitrogen to the soil. Beans and Peas (and all other legumes) produce their own nitrogen or 'fix' the soil.

Other than the nitrogen, beans and peas need all the same nutrient feedings that other plants need. You can find plant food for specific plants in the garden section of stores or in garden stores and nurseries.

Bean Plant

Picture Of Bean Plant
Picture Of Bean Plant | Source

When To Pick Peas & Beans

Pick bean and pea pods before they get too big. Pick them after you pod is round and you can see little bumps inside. It is better to pick them a little early than a little late. If you pick them late , they will be bitter and tough. For the best taste, pick them as soon as you see the little bumps inside.

If you want to save some of the seeds from the bean and pea plants, wait a little longer until the bean and pea pods are tough. Pick them then and takes the seeds out and let them dry. You now have seeds for the next season!

Pests That Love Beans & Peas

Mites, beetles and aphids are the most common pests.

Beetles and leafminers will make holes in the leaves.

Aphids will cause discoloration, deformation, or abscission. They can usually be found on the underside of the leaves.

In sandy soils, bean and pea plants are often damaged by root-knot, sting, awl, and stubby-root nematodes.



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