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How to Grow Beaucarnea

Updated on November 10, 2012
Large Beaucarnea
Large Beaucarnea

Grow Great Beaucarnea In Your Home

Growing succulents in your home garden can be a wonderful hobby. And, collecting different specimens makes the grouping much more interesting. Here are some tips to help you grow the succulent Beaucarnea in your home garden.

Beaucarnea will grow to a height of twenty feet tall and will have a trunk that is grayish brown. When the plant has aged the trunk will be covered with bark. When the plant is young, the swollen base will give the succulent an overall bottle shape. But, as it ages, it will begin to clump and no longer have the same shape. The leaves of the Beaucarnea are long and thin. They arch out all around the stem and create a lovely fountain effect.

This succulent produces flowers, but they are quite insignificant. They appear in the summer and are beige in color. The flowers are on a long stalk that grows from the top of the plant. This will happen only when the Beaucarnea is several years old.

It is incredibly difficult for an amateur to propagate this succulent. The sexes are on separate plants and the chances of harvesting the correct seeds are minimal. It is best to purchase seeds to grow new plants or just purchase plants that are already established. Most succulents are not easy to grow from seeds.

Beaucarnea are fast growers if the environment is right. Give it plenty of water, food, humus in the soil and bright light and you will be amazed at the growth rate. They can be grown inside in containers and make excellent houseplants. They will only need to be repotted every three or four years, at most. But, make sure you have adequate space for this plant. The arching foliage requires a good amount of room to expand.

Ideally, this succulent should be grown in rich soil with plenty of bright light. They can tolerate moderate humidity, but the soil should be almost dry between waterings. Beaucarnea are quite easy to take care of and have beautiful foliage.

The variety B. recurvata, also known as elephant-foot tree or pony tail has very long, sharp-edged leaves. They are thin and curving. B. stricta has straight glaucous leaves that are green with yellow margins.

If you are looking for a succulent that is easy to grow, then Beaucarnea is right for you. And, it will make a stunning addition to your collection. Hopefully these tips will help you grow a love specimen of Beaucarnea for you and your family to enjoy.


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