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How to Grow Seedless Watermelons

Updated on August 29, 2014

What are Seedless Watermelons

Seedless watermelon are grown from seeds just like seeded watermelon. However there is big difference in parent line. Seedless watermelons have a special parent line and are produced as a result of a process called "stenospermocarpy". Seedless watermelon seeds are available with all big seed companies and yes there is genetic modification involved in producing them.

Growing seedless watermelon is easy all you have to do is buy a good seed from a reputable company. On other hand producing seeds capable of turning into seedless watermelon is a very serious business. It is one of the most profitable business in the world. In simple words its all about a parent line that can produce a seed capable of forming a seedless fruit. If you are looking for these parent line you need to contact Agriculture department and universities that are constantly working on and developing new varieties. Most of these parent line are covered by patent rights.

Growing Seedless Watermelons

Watermelon is a flowering plant which originally comes from South Africa. Botanists refer to its fruits as pepo, which is explained as berry with ‘thick rind (exocarp) and fleshy center (mesocarp and endocarp)’.

Watermelons have a hard exterior and a sweet and juicy interior; it contains dominating 92% water in it, and only 6% sweet. It is high in Lycopene, which aids in cardiovascular and bone health, according to recent studies. For growing purposes, Watermelon is considered a warm-season vegetable as it is tender. They can be grown in all parts of a country with different temperatures, but ideally watermelon is best grown in the warmer temperatures. They prefer areas with longer growing seasons, so we can say that warm climate favors this vegetable. They are not very difficult to grow, but they require constant care by the gardener.

Let’s examine the method step by step.


Growing Seedless Watermelons - Step By Step Guide

Step 1: It is important to remember that watermelons need direct sunlight, and plenty of space. So the first step is to chose a suitable location, which has direct access to the sun, and allow space of about 1.8 meters between rows of the watermelons, because they produce large vines that spread

Step 2: When the location is set, the next step is to simply prepare the soil. It is instructed to till the soil for the beds carefully, allowing large clumps of packed earth to break up, and appear smooth and ready. It is also important to remove any vegetative matter or deeply dig it in to the earth, so it does not hinder the process.

Step 3: When the soil is ready, it is time to plant the seeds. Before doing so, it is important to form mounds of earth, which can be through use of tractor or a hoe. Creating individual planting locations in shape of the mounds ensures that the soil is loose enough for the roots to grow and oxygen can reach with ease.

Secondly, it is also important to choose your watermelon seeds! Decide whether you want red or yellow flesh. Some popular types include; Jubilee, Charleston Grey, Congo, Sugar Baby and Ice Box.

When the above two are done, poke 3-4 one inch deep holes in to the soil which is made ready and plant seeds.

Step 4: Now that the seeds are planted, for the next 7-10 days, keep the area nicely moisturized and watch and wait for the sprouts to appear. This period is referred to as the germination period, and it is important in this time for plenty of water is reached to the small roots forming.

Step 5: After the sprouts have appeared, wait for the plant to appear 4 inch high and then the next step to mulch the hills starts. It is advised to mulch as close to the plant as possible. Either one of the following can be picked; Pine straw, lawn fabric, or compost.

Step 6: After this flowers will bloom, and it is required to water them every 3 days.

*The fruit is to be kept dry and in especially hot days, leaves might need moisture.

Step 7: Around the base, along and ahead of the vines, it is crucial to weed regularly.

Step 8: Four (or above) months will be required for the fruit to fully grow and be ready for harvest; this is ideally for warm weathers.

When harvest time comes, using a knife (or anything sharp), fruit is to cut from the vine. The color from white to pale yellow can indicate the ripeness of the fruit.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Growing tips

We can conclude that four things are foremost required and should be kept in mind when watermelons are being planted;

1. Sun

2. Space

3. Water

4. Nutrients

How to Grow a Square Watermelon

Growing Square or pear shape watermelon is quite easy if you have correct tools. First you need to select a variety that is good looking and seedless. Now squaring method works with any watermelon but its better to make it really special. All you need is mould or cube box with a hole on top and you put in watermelon when its in very small size and watermelon grows up to take form of its mould. Then you remove mould and harvest you square watermelon.

You can get these mould from many sites on-line or you can make them at your home.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Its very useful basic information. I tried growing watermelons last year but had some serious pest issues.


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