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How to Grow Tomatoes Outdoors

Updated on January 10, 2013

When you buy expensive tomatoes at the grocery stores, did it ever occur to you that you too can grow tomatoes at home? If you think that this might be a tough job, then you need some useful tips on how to grow tomatoes at home. This way you can save a lot of money buying them from grocers. Additionally, homegrown tomatoes are far tastier than what you get in the superstores.

Seeding distance

The seeds should never be placed too close to each other. Since these plants have branches that spread out, it is better to keep the plants at a distance from each other, since plants sown too close to each other impede future growth. The first signs of growth are visible in about 2 weeks when the first leaves start to show up. This is the time when you transplant them in to pots which ought to be 4 inches for best results.


Like most plants, tomato plants also need light and they need about 12 to 14 hours of light every day. If the plants are growing indoors, then use a glow light and keep the light about 2 to 3 inches above the plants. However if they are grown outdoors, then the plants should be kept in the sunniest section of the garden.

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Wind need

Both applicable to indoors and outdoors, tomato plants need a lot of wind. Thus, fan the plants if indoors, for abo0t 15 minutes, twice a day. This way the stems become stronger.


You should keep the plant in a warm place as they thrive in warm climates. Before you plant, you could keep a weed block or a black plastic sheet close to the area as black keeps the soil warm. This work should be done at least 2 weeks before planting. The other tip is to plant very deep; this way you help the plant to develop a strong root system.



Use a good amount of mulch. If you place mulch around the plant, it can help in the prevention of several types of soil-borne diseases affecting the stem. This also helps in water retention. Black rubber mulch can help in warming the soil better.

Nutrient loss

Whenever you see suckers at the joint of two branches, remove them instantly. They suck the nutrients from the plant and kill it. However, pruning of the plant should be done carefully.


Growth of tomatoes depends a lot on the right kind of heat and wind, as well water. Therefore you need to water the plants regularly. However the plants should not be over-watered also, in case you miss watering the plants on any day. This can rot the roots. When the fruits are just starting to ripen, go easy on watering the plant at this stage.

Bottom line

These simple tips to grow tomatoes at home have been used successfully by many seasoned gardeners. Gardening requires a lot of patience and effort. However if you follow these tips, you are bound to get the fruits of your labor in no time.


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    • SolveMyMaze profile image

      SolveMyMaze 5 years ago

      Cool Hub! It's certainly a different take from the normal Hubs on here. I wish I didn't live in a flat so I could grow my own veg in the garden.

      When I finally manage to get a place with a garden, I won't need to worry about watering the plants. I get a lot of rain in my country so that's one less task to carry out!

    • TinasTreasures profile image

      TinasTreasures 5 years ago from California

      There is nothing like the taste of a freshly picked tomato. Yes, I grow tomatoes and have done for years.

    • Learning in Life profile image

      Megan Sisko 5 years ago from SW Florida

      This is great, I have been wanting to start my own garden lately and I cook a ton of stuff with tomatoes. Voted up and useful!