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How to Grow an Organic Vegetable Garden

Updated on August 6, 2010
Growing organic vegetables can be exceptionally simple
Growing organic vegetables can be exceptionally simple

Many people are already tired of the fruit and vegetable production offered in stores. Some have started planting their organic vegetable gardens as an alternative to the purchase.

Organic signifies that no pesticides and artificial fertilizers are used. This makes vegetables much safer and healthier than the ones grown using traditional agricultural strategies.

If you have decided to start planting your organic vegetable garden, you need to understand what the procedure is, why it is better and what does it take to keep your production entirely natural.

Start planning before you plant the seeds. Decide where you garden will be located, how large will it be and what types of vegetables will be planted. If you want to produce vegetables throughout the year, you will need a larger plot.

When you select the plot, you have to clean it from weeds and dig the soil. Mix the soil with some sort of organic fertilizer (compost, for example) and allow for absorption to take place over a month.

Now you are ready to plant your seeds or seedlings.

Water the plants early in the morning or late in the evening. If you water during intense sunlight, you risk burning the leaves. The water droplets will act like lenses, focusing the sunrays and causing damage to the plants.

Observe plants for the appearance of pests and diseases. Keep your vegetable garden free from weeds. If you notice any unusual formations on the leaves or flowers, spray the plants with a solution containing water and a detergent. This is the best way to keep out pests without using insecticides.

Dig the soil between your vegetable beds on a daily basis. This will bring air in and will help you kill the roots of weeds. Further, the procedure will help you keep moisture within the soil.


Keep in mind that organic vegetable gardening is related to four basic principles.

The first principle focuses on the importance of turning soil. No other processing is needed to produce healthy, natural vegetables. Digging deep into your garden is unnecessary. You simply need to turn the soil in order to aerate it.

Refraining from the usage of chemical fertilizers is the second basic principle of organic agriculture. The usage of chemicals and artificial agriculture methods will soon deprive soil from nutrients. If natural products are used, soil will retain its fertility for the years to come.

The third principle focuses on the refusal to use herbicides. Weeds can be taken out in natural ways, without the usage of chemicals. The process is more cumbersome and requiring physical effort. Taking out weeds by hand, however, will help you keep your soil fertile and free from harmful artificial substances.

The fourth principle is similar to the other three – chemical substances should never be used for the protection of the garden. The usage of pesticides and other substances breaks the ecological balance in your garden. Harmful pests and animals have always existed. Yet, their presence cannot lead to serious garden damage, if you manage to retain the natural balance between plants and animals.


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    • vily_far profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Thank you so much for the positive feedback :). I am glad that you found it useful and I really hope that more people discover the pleasures of organic and 'green'living :).

    • ZarkoZivkovic profile image


      8 years ago from Serbia

      I have been trying to get my father into growing his own vegetables, he will retire in a year and he has a big garden, and since I know him very well I know that he needs to find something to do! I will print this and give it to him, it will help him get started :)

      great hub


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