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How to Handle Problems in the Kitchen

Updated on November 11, 2012
Modern Kitchen
Modern Kitchen | Source

Handle Kitchen Situations With Ease

Every person who has prepared a meal in a kitchen has had something go wrong with a recipe. And, when you have company, the situation is much worse. Here are some tips to help take care of those sticky situations with no worries.

It is twenty minutes before your guests are due and your rice is done cooking. You know you can not take the lid off to let the steam out. If you do this the rice will be cold by the time you serve it with your meal. Leaving the lid on the rice is not an option, either. The steam will condense, leak water onto the rice and it will be soggy. You can solve this dilemma by using two old t-shirts to keep the rice dry. Make sure they are clean, obviously. Take the pan off of the burner and lift the lid. Next lay the shirts across the top of the pan and replace the lid, The shirts will soak up the steam and the rice will stay warm and dry. This takes care of this kitchen situation with no problems.

Next time you are about to serve sandwiches for lunch to your friends and discover your bread is stale, do not panic. Take a spatter guard or a vegetable steamer and put the bread slices on them. Boil some water in a saucepan and hold the slices over the steam for about a minute. Check every twenty seconds, or so, so you do not end up with soggy bread. Another kitchen situation saved.

Have you ever noticed that once you open a bag of brown sugar, the sugar left in the bag seems to harden overnight? This kitchen situation is easily solved with items you probably already have available. Put a few marshmallows, or an apple slice, or a lemon peel in the bag before you seal it shut. Any of these items will add moisture to the bag and keep the brown sugar soft for your next recipe.

Next time you accidentally burn your gravy, do not throw it out. Put it in another pan and continue cooking it. Add a little sugar at a time and taste it after you get each addition stirred in. The sugar will cancel the burned taste. Be sure not to put too much sugar in it, however.

If your plastic containers are not smelling great, there is a solution. Add a pinch of salt. This will help them smell fresh for your next use.

How many times have you gotten oil from peppers on your fingers and then forget it is there and rub your eyes? To keep this from happening, rub a little vegetable oil into your hands and fingers before you chop up your peppers. This will keep the oil from the peppers from absorbing into your skin.

Have you had your eggs too long to know for sure if they are still good to use? No problem. Fill a pan or bowl with about four inches of water. Eggs that stay on the bottom are fresh. If only one end floats, you need to use them right away. If the entire floats, do not use them. These eggs are bad and should be disposed of.

Once your pasta or potatoes are done boiling, do not throw the water away. Use it to water your house plants. There are nutrients in the water that your plants will love.

Have you ever forgotten to get meat out of the freezer in time for supper? One way to solve this is to pour some vinegar over the frozen meat. It will tenderize the meat and also help it defrost quicker.

Nick your finger while slicing up vegetables? Do not use a plastic bandage. Wait until the bleeding has stopped. Then brush a light coat of clear fingernail polish over the cut. Not only will it seal the wound and keep bacteria out, you will not have to worry about losing the bandage in your dish.

Do you hate stray corn silk on fresh ears of corn? There is a simple solution. Wet a paper towel or terry cloth and wipe down the corn. It will remove all of the stray silk on the ear.

One of the best, and cheapest, tools you can keep in your kitchen is dental floss. It is great for cutting soft cheese, rolled dough, layered cakes and cheesecake.

Paper towels are not the best way to get grease out of fried foods. Drain them on brown paper bags. This will work much better than paper towels. It will allow the foods to retain much of their crispness, also.

If you have a pot of soup or broth that has an oil slick on the top of it, there is an easy solution to this problem. Take a raw cabbage or lettuce leaf and skim it over the top of your soup. The oil will stick to the leaf and will be easily removed from your soup. A quick and easy solution to this kitchen situation.

Accidentally added too much salt to your soup or stew? That is not a problem! Just add some raw potatoes. If your recipe already has potatoes in it, be sure and dice the extra veggies up fine. This will absorb the salt and stretch the stew as well. If potatoes are not appropriate for the recipe, cut them into large pieces and remove them just before serving. They will have soaked up the excess salt and the flavor of the recipe will not be changed.

Most kitchen situations are easily solvable if you just do not panic. Hopefully these tips will help you solve the problems you have in the kitchen. They may even give you ideas for solving other problems as well.


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  • Myfanwy profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from Tennessee, USA

    Thank you, ThelmaC. :D

  • ThelmaC profile image

    Thelma Raker Coffone 

    7 years ago from Blue Ridge Mountains, USA

    Good hub with good info. I rated it "Useful". Keep up the good work! Thelma


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