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How to Harvest Onions in your Garden

Updated on March 18, 2014

Just a few months ago (in India), the prices of onions sky-rocketed to an extent where folks began comparing it with gold (satirically). Many business firms began providing some kgs of onion free with their product in order to promote their products.

With such situations no doubt many of us would find it much suitable to go for harvesting these types of vegetables in the backyard since these form one of most important constituents in our kitchen and recipes.

Owing to such constant fluctuations in price with the daily food products, self-production of fruits and vegetables does not look to be a bad idea. Moreover, it also gives self-satisfaction and a good recreation. Harvesting onions is simple and may be done in a piece of land but requires some supervision.

If you have some decent space in your backyard or garden, growing onions is just a matter of a few months of waiting and virtually with minimum hardwork. Let's learn the simple procedures as explained below.

Using Onion Seeds

The most accepted way is to buy the seeds, plough the field and place them to see it grow, with due course of time.

Using Onion Starts

Another easy approach would be to get onion starts instead of seed. They are widely available in local marketplaces and even at the garden show. Using onion starts usually makes the growing faster. If using seeds, it takes around six months for the plant to produce onions. Using starts reduces time and one can see them grow within three months.

In order to get healthy onion starts, it is better to get it in the month of February through April. They are typically sold in bundles of 50-100 starts and some stores even offer different varieties of starts. However, for white, red and yellow onions, they all behave the same. But, it will be worth to buy some types depending upon the type of its usage.

How to Plant Onions

For an effective way to plant onion starts, do separate them first and plant them in well-drained soil. Ensure the roots are down to the earth at least two inches. If planted properly, it will be ready in 120 days for harvest.

Stock them up for later use, or you may even want to earn bucks by selling the harvest to your local onion wholesaler.

Onions in your Kitchen

As an analogy, red onions are perfect for preparation of salsa, sweet onions are widely used in fresh salads, French onion dip or sandwiches and white onions are good to get stored in pantyhose.


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