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How to Increase the Property Value of your Home

Updated on September 14, 2016

Evaluate Your Home Honestly and Objectively

To increase the value of your property, you will have to be honest with yourself. Decide what type of change or changes you want. Is this change something that is cosmetic or is it something necessary? Necessary should always come before cosmetic.

Paying to have a home inspection done by professionals is often a really good idea to get a non biased look at the "frame and working" of the house. These professionals will look at many different aspects of your house and be completely honest in what repairs need to be done.

When the home inspection is done, ask about the levels of importance on the list that they will present to you. Is is more important to get the roof repaired or replaced, or is it more important to have a foundation specialist come out? A home inspection professional may be able to offer some input on those items.

If it is cosmetics remodel and design that you are looking at, not the home inspection, then the best place to start is to make a collection of the colors that you like. I found that paint chips worked the best. I used a baseball card catalog and cut the cards down to size, making sure to include the paint information on an index card in case I had to cut it down. The hunt for "elephant" colored paint was a nightmare, and no one should ever have to do that! Even if you believe in your heart that you will remember the color and the maker of the paint, don't take chances. I even wrote down the store that carried the paint selections that I liked.

After you have an idea of the colors that you like, start looking online at furniture styles and finishes. If you already know the style that you like, go to the library and check out books on the style. I once had a friend who swore that they loved Art Deco furniture. Until I took them to a place in Dallas that specializes in Art Deco furniture. She did not like it at all. Instead, she liked Art Nouveau. It is important to know what you really like before you start investing time and money on a project.

Decide Who to Include in Your Household

Repairs and restorations are something that the heads of the household should come together about. There will be budgets. You will spend more money than the budgeted amount. Things happen. Sometimes, discoveries are not made until work is in progress. If you have a home warranty, this would be a good time to look it over and see what is covered in the home warranty.

If you do not have a home warranty, see if any of your repairs or restorations are covered by separate product warranty, such as a washer or a water heater, or if they are covered by your homeowner's insurance. (Hail or rain damage)

Finding out that you are covered is wonderful. If that happens for you, awesome. If it does not, then here is where you will have to create a budget and attack the items on your budget as you are able. I would like to emphasize here that it is important to do it right the first time. That also means consulting with the other household members that are involved in the process. If you hear from someone that a deadline won't be met, make sure that you pass the message along right then.

In design and redecorating, now is the time to have the honest talk about what are must have items, want items, don't want items and so forth. Ask my friend about the bronze finished leather sofa that she ordered. When she told her husband that they needed a new sofa he said "All I care about is that it is leather." She would show him styles, he would say "Pick what you want. Stay in the budget." A custom sofa came back. It was bronze colored. Like the metal. It was from Morocco. All of us women fell in love. What a gorgeous piece of sofa. We were smitten. When her husband, Tim walked in, he looked at the sofa and said "Send it back". My pal explained that it was on sale, and that they could not return it. They argued and ended up spending over $500.00 to get the sofa re-stained in a cherry finish. (Bronze and cherry is stunning, in case you are wondering right now.)

Even if you are told that it is okay, take the time to look at items together before you purchase.

Hire Professionals

The best way to get your pipes fixed properly is to hire a plumber. The best for any professional job to get done properly is to make sure that you hire a professional in the right field, and not someone who does it as a hobby.

When it comes to your home, if you are serious about increasing your property value, you should hire professionals all the way. Keep a notebook filled with every repair and improvement and list who did them. Pin a card in the book. Take photos of before and after.

If you are improving your home's property values, the same book, laid on a counter is a sign that you have provided care for the house the entire time that you owned it.

Hiring a designer to come in and update your home's look can be some of the best money that you have ever spent. Knowing what colors and styles are on trend is what they specialize in, and spending that money now can bring it back to you when someone falls in love with the look that they have created.

Additionally, a designer can work with you to make the furniture that you already have work with new colors, or they can flat out tell you if something is outdated and won't work towards selling the house.

Take Lots of Photos

Before you make home improvements, take photos of the house from every angle. Make sure that you photograph the house in daylight and nighttime as well.

If your home is for sale and it does not have good curb appeal, speak to your designer to see what can be done. Again, take lots of photos. People love a good makeover story!

Invest in Landscaping

The lawn looked old and tired. The flowers were wilted and the porch swing could use some oiling at the very least.

When the Realtor came up, she had a list in hand of the things that needed to be done to improve the curb appeal.

Curb appeal is the first impression that buyers have when they pull up to a house. To you, the missing slat or two off of the shutters is not a big deal, but to buyers who are already nervous and concerned about their money, they may feel that it is a sign of other problems that are not addressed. Spending the money on cosmetic fixes, lawn care and flowers can return big dividends!

Your Home Makeover

Are you looking to make repairs or cosmetic makeover or both?

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