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How to Install a Granulated Rolled Roofing

Updated on June 4, 2012

Granulated rolled roof Photos

Finished Job
Finished Job
Photo A
Photo A
Photo B
Photo B

Rolled Roof

Replacing a Granulated Rolled Roof is a simple job. If your garage roof is leaking then this is a simple 1 day job.The first thing that you have to do is remove the old roof. if you just try to cover over the old roof then you may start to have weight problems. So the easiest way to remove the old roof is to get a flat shovel or a shingle Ripper as shown in Photo A.

Before you start you need to figure out how much Granulated Paper that you need. To figure this it is simple. You measure the Length x width. For example if the roof measures 20' X 35' then that comes to 700 sq feet. That would mean that you need 7 Sq of roofing Material. You can also figure 2 tube of tar per square. and 5 lb. of roofing nails 1 1/2" long. Also buy enough Drip Edge to go around the outside of the roof.

The tools Needed is as Follows

Flat Shovel or Shingle Ripper



Caulking Gun

Tubes of Tar

Granulated rolled Paper

Roofing Nails

Drip Edge

I suggest that you put some plastic down around the outside of where you are going to drop the torn off roofing materials. They will have Nails in them and use caution when walking on the torn off pieces that you don't step on nails of leave in driveway and get flat tires. I usually just cut it up in strips and put in heavy Garbage bags.

Starting at the top of the Roof start ripping the old material up making sure that there are no really bad places that you might fall through. Removing all the old nails and checking for bad boards. remove the bad boards as you go so that you don't lose track of where they are at. Measure the thickness of the boards and buy a sheet of plywood the same thickness as what is there. Replace them as you go so that you don't put your foot through.

After you have removed all the old roofing material and replaced the bad boards you are going to want to put down new drip Edge around the outside See Photo C.

After putting down the drip edge then starting at the bottom of the roof, roll out a piece of the granulated paper and line it up with the drip edge so that it overhangs about 1/2 of an inch on all sides. For now after it is straight pound a nail into the top edge stay only an inch down from the top and about 6" apart. Then lifting each edge run a bead of tar about an inch back from the edge under all the edges and nail edges about every 12".

Next line up the next piece overlapping the piece below by about 3 "and the side by 1/2 ". Make sure there are no wrinkles in it. After aligning this piece then nail the top the same as you did the bottom piece. At the bottom of this piece lift it back and apply tar onto the bottom piece where the nails are at. This makes a waterproof seam. Press down and nail again every 12". Continue going up the roof till you get to the top piece. When you get to the top cut it across leaving it overhang the front by 1/2 inch. put a bead of tar under this edge and nail it across the top every 12". Next go back over your work and put a little bit of tar on any nails that show. See top Photo.


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