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3 Easy Steps to Know if Roofing Cost Estimate is Correct

Updated on June 28, 2017


Before we invest in anything, we want to make sure that whatever we are putting out money into is worth it and that we are making an informed decision. This applies even to investing in our roof. After going around and estimating the cost of the roofing job, how do you make sure that it is credible and reliable?

STEP 1: Make a checklist first of the things that need to be done on your roof as well as the information needed for the estimate.

Are you going for a replacement or just repair? Do you know the size of your roof? What materials do you prefer? Get these items ready and make sure you are providing the exact information and numbers to the contractors to also avoid big variations or differences in the estimation that they would give you.

STEP 2: When doing costing estimates for something as crucial as roofing, it is always best to consult a professional.

Ask colleagues, neighbors, friends if they can refer you to a roofing expert, or browse the Internet.

Before consulting and hiring, you need to make sure that they are credible, have a good reputation and are licensed and insured. Get references for good measure. They won’t have a problem supplying you many if they’re a good company. Do your homework and get a background check, track record, and experience.

It is better to guarantee that you get estimates from quality contractors than just random ones since you are also guaranteeing that you can rely on the information that you will get from them. Another reason why you should look for a quality contractor is for you to get better price and trust that you will also get a quality job when you hire them.

Contractors would be making the estimate based on their skill and their experience. When they don’t have the best of both, you can’t expect them to give you a quality output either.

STEP 3: Once you’ve got your list of the best contractors in your area, get multiple estimates or at least three.

Allow them to properly inspect your roof or ask if them to do so if they don’t proactively offer to do it. Give them proper access so they could check everything and see what are the repairs that need to be done, the extent of the damages if there are any, what needs to be replaced or if a total re-roofing is necessary.

The estimates should also be detailed and should be something that you understand. When they lay out the details of the costing and there are things you don’t understand or are confusing, do not be afraid to ask and clarify. You need to be confident that you will be getting your money’s worth and that you won’t end up having to spend more because of the details that you’ve missed out or completely understood.

Getting multiple estimates is so you could compare and see your options, ensuring that you are making an informed decision. Take your time to review and properly compare the information that you got.

Get the important or major details compared. What are these?

First is the labor. Ask for a breakdown and itemization of the cost of labor. Compare the warranties as well. There should be a guarantee that they would stand behind their work as well as the quality of materials that they recommend to use. If they are able to give you this assurance, this also gives you the confidence that they won’t be doing a botched up job.

Materials, all of them, should also be covered in the estimate from the roof covers to the underlayment to the sealants and nails. Even the smallest detail should be included as you don’t want to be paying for “extras” because they missed out a particular material or detail during the estimation of cost.

When you review and carefully look at the items, you would see that each and every one of them is crucial and detrimental for the roofing which ratifies the need for you to get a quality contractor as you don’t want any of these to be compromised. Compromising one could mean you are compromising your investment.


Investing in a roof is investing in your security, home protection and comfort for the long term, therefore, making it a great risk. This is why the need to be critical and meticulous before deciding on anything that involves the roofing, is valid.

Ask questions and be specific when you can. For example, “How much does a roof cost in Downriver, Michigan?” or “Who are the best roofing contractors in Downriver, Michigan?”

It is better to do your homework and get the best people to do the estimate of the cost for your roof so, in the end, you won’t have to question the credibility and reliability of the information that they handed to you.


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