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How to Maintain a Commercial Dishwasher

Updated on April 7, 2013
Sample Commercial Dishwasher.
Sample Commercial Dishwasher. | Source

There are several ways through which you can maintain a commercial dishwasher. That is the main agenda of this hub. After reading this hub, you will be in a good position to get optimum benefits associated with your use of a commercial dishwasher.

The Heavy Duty Kitchen Dishwashers

In a commercial kitchen it becomes very hard to clean dishes because of the large quantity of the dishes involved. In a large kitchen, it will be most appropriate to have some form of a dishwasher which can handle a bulky washing more successfully. This will improve the efficiency of your kitchen staff. In this hub, I am going to take you through the various tips on choosing the best commercial kitchen dishwasher. We focus on the price, working efficiency and the cost of obtaining such commercial dishwashers.

What is the average price of a commercial dishwasher?

The prices of the commercial dishwashers varies depending on many factors such as the capacity and the features included. The price can vary from slightly over $2,0000 and up to $12,000 per machine. These dishwashers have excellent features which you can benefit from.

The Common Features of a commercial Dishwasher

Some dishwasher have a dual wash pump with a four horse power (hp), rinse and detergent pumps and arms assemblies which are made up of stainless steel and are capable of rinsing the dishes. There are also other features like wash tank, body, external housing, bullet feet which can be adjusted and chassis composed of 14 Gauge Type 304 stainless steel which is highly polished.

For these commercial dishwasher, large bowls of maximum size 27.5” can be cleaned with a lot of ease due to the large opening.

The machines are very economical in terms of amount of energy used. This is made possible by the heating elements which are operated independently. That is how it minimizes the amount of energy used. The water level is automatically adjusted via a regulator. This is actually a standard feature in most commercial dishwashers.

The Setting up and Subsequent Use of A dishwasher machine

Once you receive a commercial dishwasher for your restaurant kitchen, there are a few things you must bear in mind. You be required to start with the filling of the reservoir with the water softener. This process is very easy, you need to switch off the machine and then follow the prompts. A rinsing agent is to be added to the water to prevent the formation of water spots on your dishes. The dishes should be placed in the a correct way so that the water jets reaches every point for through cleaning.

Care and Maintenance of a commercial Dishwasher

Having a commercial dishwasher is not all, you need to know the ways of using it and maintaining it in the best condition. Proper care must be provided if you are to continue receiving best services from the commercial dishwasher for a long period of time. Both the outside and more importantly the inside of the machine must be maintained properly. Use a cloth sponge that has been soaked in a soap solution and then wipe the outside of the commercial dish washer. Those reactive chemical products must never be used in the process of washing the machine. The main reason is that they will destroy its surface.

It very crucial to remember to check the filters of the commercial dishwasher occasionally to make sure they are not blocked by dirt. The filters can be carefully removed for cleaning before replacing them again.

The spray arm is another useful area that need to be checked regularly to be sure its is working well. You can dismantle this arm and remove any dirt before returning it to its original position.


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