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How to Make Your Bed

Updated on January 24, 2011

How to make up a bed you'll want to sleep on ...

Making you bed can be a chore, but if done correctly, can make your room look neat and orderly, and your bed more appealing to sleep on. This brief hub walks you through you the five steps of how to make your bed.

Step 1:
Rearrange the matress protector and fitted sheet so that are stretched tightly over the four corners of the mattress, and smooth out wrinkles with your hand. If you're a fidgety sleeper or have an incorrectly sized fitted sheet, it's likely it will loosen during the night, and should be rearranged first.

Step 2:

Spread the flat sheet or light blanket face down on mattress, and arrange it so that it hangs evenly over both sides of the bed. The top edge should be aligned with the top edge of the mattress, and the rest hanging over the end.

The great debate of tucked or untucked still lives on (remember that Seinfeld episode?) and so this step can be done according to preference. If you're a tucker, tuck the bottom end of the sheet under the mattress, and continue tucking all the way around, leaving a foot untucked at the top of each side. Make sure to tug firmly on the sheet in order to create a smooth and tight surface with no crumples.

Step 3:
Spread the blanket over the bed, aligning the long sides with the sides of the mattress. Arrange it so that it hangs evenly over the sides of the bed, and that the top of the blanket is six inches from the top edge of the mattress. Again optional, tightly fold the end and sides of the blanket. Then, fold back the excess flat sheet over the blanket and tuck it in on both sides.

Step 4:
Spread the bed-spread over the bed, making sure it is evenly draped over each side of the bed.

Step 5:
Arrange the pillows on the bed, and any other ornaments that you like, such as a stuffed animal or book. If you have any extra blankets or towels, fold them neatly, and place them at the foot of the bed.

And now you can rest easy, knowing you have a perfectly made bed to come home to.

How to Make Your Bed - Video


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