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How to Make a Rented Home Your Own

Updated on March 18, 2014

The amount of people renting in the UK is now higher than ever with many choosing this way to live as getting onto the property ladder becomes even harder. Renting is of course a great way to put a roof over your head and gives you many benefits that homeowners don’t have but how do you make a rented home your own?

Many tenants whether long term or short term want to adapt their surroundings to suit their personality but the cost, the landlords rules and the time involved puts them off. Of course if the property was owned any money and time spent would be well invested but when renting the money benefits the landlord more than the tenant.

Here are some ideas on how you can make your house a home without being out of pocket:


If the property you live in needs redecorating have a word with your landlord. You could offer to decorate for a month’s free rent. This should give you a choice over the colours too while the landlord will be pleased that he or she doesn’t’ have to fork out for professionals. Always get their permission in writing though in case they withhold your bond to redecorate when you leave.

Furnish It

Great furniture is an ideal way to add your own style to a home, the beauty of it is, it comes with you wherever you go. Save up for the extravagant bed, the big squidgy sofa and the huge fluffy rug, it will brighten up your property and make it your own.


There are many wall decals that can be added to walls and doors to add personality and style. Most are also easily removed leaving no trace behind. These are especially useful for a children’s bedroom as you can completely transform it without worrying about the landlord’s permission.


Great fabrics can add a whole new dimension to a room, whether you dress a window with iconic designs or even hang material on the walls. It can all be taken with you and if purchased with quality in mind it can become a great investment.


Pictures, mirrors, frames, displates are all ways to add your own personality. You can cover your home in great pieces of art that you love. It doesn’t have to cost the earth either, as you will be buying pictures to enhance the décor simple canvases are fine. Make sure you always check with your landlord before putting extra nails in the wall.

Another way to display your favourite images and designs is through using displates. These attach to the wall with a magnet so you don’t need the landlord’s permission. As they also come in a variety of contemporary and classic designs you can choose an eye catching original to suit you.

The unique material makes them ideal as collector’s items while adding texture to your walls.

However you decide to decorate don’t underestimate the power of making a house your own. It’s your hideaway from the world and as such should cater to your every need, visually and physically.

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    • profile image

      Candice Harding 3 years ago

      These are some great suggestions! I expect to be renting for several more years and my finance and I have worked hard to make our apartment our own. It can also help to plant a garden (if that works with your lease and you have a green thumb) or to create an indoor herb garden (we've used our kitchen window sill). We've found that surrounding ourselves with growing things helps make the apartment feel more like our home.

      Candice Harding