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How to Make a Wonderful Easy Espresso / Coffee in a Stove Top Espresso Maker (aka Moka Pot)

Updated on January 28, 2012

Introduction to Making Espresso Right on The Oven Range

Hi! Thinking of buying or already own a stove top espresso maker but don't know how to use it? Follow thesone great, full bodied espresso/coffee

What You Need To Make Espresso on Stove

  • Stove top espresso maker (also called a Moka Pot)
  • Coffee or espresso beans
  • Coffee grinder if your beans are not ground

Step 1 - Open Moka Pot

Hi! Let's see if we can breeze through this real easy. First step. Your stove top espresso pot (also called a Moka pot by some) comes is made in two sections. Unscrew counter clockwise the top half from the lower half

Step 2 The Espresso Pot Filter

Once you've unscrewed it. You'll see theres a filter resting in the lower half. For now, let's take that little bugger out :-)

Step 3 Pour Water into Reservoir

Once this is out, you'll notice the water reservoir in the bottom of the pot. Fill that up with water. Use filtered water if possible for a higher quality espresso/coffee.

Step 4 - Coffee or Espresso Beans

Get yourself some good quality espresso or coffee. I prefer whole beans which I grind for maximum freshness. Pre ground grinds are fine too. For whole beans in small espresso pitcher like mine (I get two small espresso cups each time), I judge it by about this much in my hand. I'll guess about a few table spoons.

Step 5 Grind Those Whole Beans if You Need To

Grind beans to taste in a grinder. The finer the grind the stronger the coffee. When using my espresso pot, I prefer a good strong fine espresso grind. If your beans are already ground, keep reading....

Filter is back in reservoir
Filter is back in reservoir

Step 6 Lay Filter Back in Top of Reservoir

After beans are ground. Replace the filter in the top of the reservior (lower half of the espresso pot). Be sure you've put your water in the reservior as shown in step 3

Step 7 Put Grinds Onto the Filter

Fill the grinds into the top of the filter. Fill it to a little bit higher than the rim of the filter. Then pack it down lightly so that the grinds are flat and level with the top edge of the filter

Step 8 Screw The Top Back Onto Moka Pot (Espresso Pot)

Screw top of the espresso pot clockwise back on to the bottom portion. Keep level when you screw back on so you don't spill any grinds :-)


Last Step - Make on Stove

Put espresso pot directly onto your oven range flame as shown. Some say to keep the flame pretty high until you hear the pot rumbling then reduce to low heat, but I prefer to keep on a low to med low heat the whole time. You'll hear the pot working in about 5 mins. When the espresso or coffee fills the top portion about 3/4 the way up, take off the heat (careful, the HANDLE will be HOT, don't pretend that the grip on the handle is heat-proof, often it is not) and serve. Delicious and easy.

OK, You've Learned About Coffee.... How About Some Great Chicken

Ever eat poultry that has been brined? It is delcious, juicy and tastes like nothing you've had before. Very simple to do and it really adds some flair to even your most simple of recipes.

Once you've mastered how to make coffee in an espresso moka pot right on the stove, try brining chicken breast and putting that in the stove. I wrote a post on how to make it. Click here to be lead to a simply and easy brine instruction.


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    • auktionator profile image

      auktionator 6 years ago from Zuerich

      Hi Turtle, I just discovered that you have been on the same before I was :-)) Congrats, your Hub being very well written. Me, as a newbee try to do my best too. Keep on your good writing!

    • TurtleDog profile image

      TurtleDog 6 years ago

      Thanks Tammy. If you like a full bodied coffee, this will do it. Thanks

    • tammyswallow profile image

      Tammy 6 years ago from North Carolina

      Oh my.. that looks like some wonderful strong coffee. It is my biggest vice. Great hub! I am going to look into that!