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How to Mow Your Lawns Correctly

Updated on July 29, 2016


Most homeowners are torn whether they love or hate mowing their lawns. One side thinks that mowing their lawn is a back-breaking chore while the other side sees it as a form of healthy exercise and an opportunity to spend time outdoors with nature. Regardless of how you look at this task, we can all agree that mowing lawns properly and suitably is essential for a healthy and vibrant living outdoor space, not just for the plants but for the humans too.

In order to have the best lawn possible in your outdoors there are several things that you have to get right before mowing your lawn. These will not only serve as the basics of lawn mowing but they will further strengthen your skills in this very regard.

Lawn Mowing Basics

Mowing the lawn is important for maintaining your home’s outdoor space as well as your family’s health. After all, a clean and orderly surrounding promotes ongoing wellness. Lawns should be typically mowed when the grass is dry. Excess moisture makes it easier for pollen to travel by air and this might become problematic if you or your family has allergic reaction towards pollen. Also, wet grass can clog your mower. However, do not mow when the weather is extremely hot. This would be terrible for both your lawn and your body.

Mowing should be done in different directions each time to allow grass to grow even and upright. If you mow in only one direction, the grass will lean heavily towards the direction in which you mow. Instead of disposing short clippings, you can return these to your lawn and they will act as natural fertilizers. Short clippings decompose quickly and contrary to popular belief, it will not damage your lawn. If the clipping form clumps, you can rake them lightly so they are distributed evenly.

Mowing Frequency

So how often should you mow your lawn? That depend on a number of factors including, the season, the weather, how often you water and tend to your lawn, and what kind of fertilizers you use. However, as a general rule of thumb, lawns should be mowed at least once a week, especially during early summer and late spring. Also do not cut more than one-third of the grass’ height. Removing too much grass may affect root growth and shorter grass is generally more prone to weeds and pests. Before cutting the down the grass, make sure that you have the optimal grass height for lawn mowing, this will keep the grass green and the grass will be cut evenly across all the lawn.

Use of a Quality Mower

Many people end up choosing a cheap mower for their lawn, but what they don't know is, this is one of the biggest make they will be making. They will have to pay for this in terms of brown grass at the tip and also the loss of grass in the batches from the lawn, which obviously looks hideous. So do yourself a favor and always buy quality equipment for your lawn. It will not only keep your lawn neat and tidy but will also significantly cut down the noise produced by the cheap one, so a good way to keep your neighbors happy too.

Other Important Mowing Tips

Mow your lawn during late spring or early summer season. Early mowing of the lawn can stunt root growth and weak grass roots will not be able to withstand the hot temperatures of the summer. And in most cases this is also the culprit of browning or yellowing your grass during the summer.

Frequent mowing of the lawn (once a week that is) can really make your mowers blades go dull. Mower blades should be sharpened at least twice a year. Lawns that were cut with dull mower blades do not look neat and the grass tips usually turn brown and have ragged edges. And grass with ragged edges will require more water and is more at risk of contracting plant diseases. Grass also typically becomes dormant and grows very little during dry and hot weather. During these periods of drought, it is best to mow your lawns less frequently to keep grass healthy.

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