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How to Organize Your Space

Updated on July 21, 2014

Unorganized Space reflects Unorganized life

Okay, so you live in a space where all your stuff is scattered around, definitely not in the place you are supposed to put them, and day by day your place is only getting more cluttered than ever. Unorganized space can cause stress and frustration, you will have to deal with misplaced stuff more often than people who are organized. You will waste more of your time finding things that got lost in the pile, finding place to your newly bought stuff, and so on which could later affect your time management. At this point, not only you have an unorganized space, you'll have an unorganized life too. Besides, seeing how your place is so messy when you get home after work is definitely add more stress to your life. Have your ever notice that it affects your emotion too? Even though this problem is quite common for all of us, sooner or later you have to deal with the situation. Stop avoiding and start improving your quality of life by being organized!

Messy room
Messy room

Create a Task

Now take a moment to look at how messy your place is. Scan it properly so it will be esier for you to sort it out later. Which things belong to where, which ones are important, which ones that needs to go, and which ones are worth to keep. You should have a general idea by now.

Can you tolerate living in a messy place?

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Create a Task

After you know what you are supposed to do, let's make it work by creating a task with realistic target. Don't worry, you can do it just one step at a time as long as you keep your focus. Try tidying one part of the room, or gathering stuff that belongs in the same category: books, stationary, laundry, etc. Your task should look like this:

  • books
  • laundry
  • stationary
  • ...

the list goes on, and don't forget to mark the finished section. Try focus in your current task so it will be a lot easier for you to handle.

Every Piece Has its Place

Sometimes during the process of tidying up, we often stumbled upon objects that we have no clue where to put at. Maybe it's the stuff we impulsively bought but not really useful, or maybe it's a gift, or something you really have no idea about. Be aware, that every piece has its designated place. If you really cannot find a place for them, but you feel that they are important enough to keep, then use a container that would temporarily store them until you know how to deal with all those stuffs. But remember, don't make this a habit. You can't just add new container every time you are confused!

Now, filter your stuff for the unused ones. You need to discard those you don't need. Expired products, torn clothes, broken electronics, stack of unimportant papers, etc. The more you can get rid of, the better. You'll save some space for future usage.

Okay, it seems like you already grasp the general idea. Now let's review how much you've learned on the quiz below:

Whew! Finally! You have the skill now, and you better start working and organize your place without procrastinating. A stress-free place can improve your life drastically, and the key is to have a well-maintained and tidy space.

Better Space after Organizing

Tidy room
Tidy room | Source
Organized laundry space
Organized laundry space | Source

Office Organizing Tips


So, in short, this is what you need to do:

  • create a realistic task
  • do each task one at a time, never multitask or you'll be overwhelmed!
  • remember each item has its place
  • categorized but important items can be stored in a container, temporarely
  • get rid of the unused stuff you don't need!
  • focus and never procrastinate

Lastly, enjoy the process!


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