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How to Organize your Odds and Ends

Updated on June 4, 2013
Odds and Ends
Odds and Ends | Source

There are times when your odds and ends might be piling up, having nothing to do with any practical usefulness. This stuff that keeps accumulating only causes more disorder, making it difficult to find other stuff that might be useful. Many times, the items that once were thought to be useful are just making it hard to find other functional items among your crafts, preventing you from performing a task.

Once in a while, you´ll need to get rid of things that you don´t really need in order to maintain order and cleanness around your items. A plastic box with storage compartments can maintain your odds and ends organized and allow you to find the things that you need easily.

Things Needed to Organize your Odds and Ends

  • A rag
  • Soap
  • A flat table
  • Plastic containers
  • Several plastic cups
  • A plastic box with compartments

Organize all your odds and ends in a simple plastic box with compartments. Throw away all the unneeded items and keep the ones that you will need in the future. You´ll need a plastic box with compartments. Like the one below or a similar one that you can buy at any hardware store.

Two boxes
Two boxes | Source

Take several plastic cups and other containers, such as small buckets or dinner plates, where you can pour your odds and ends. Place the containers to the side of where you’re going to be working.

Dump like items inside the plastic cups and containers; for example, choose one cup to place all the screws, choose another for the nuts, etc. Inside the bigger containers, you can put bigger items.

Containers | Source

Don´t throw away anything yet, just empty your old dirty plastic box. After you´ve emptied all of the items from the plastic box, wash it with soap and water; let it dry for some minutes, and then, pass a clean rag on it to get rid of the moisture.

Clean Box
Clean Box | Source

Use the plastic separators that are included with the box to make the needed compartments; with your plastic box set on one side of the table and the cups with your odds and ends, on the other side, begin placing all of the items back inside the plastic box, for example, the screws, on one of the box´s compartments.

At the same time that you´re doing this, throw away those items that are not needed, for example, the rusted screws. Keep doing this until you´ve emptied all the items inside the plastic cups back into the plastic box´s compartments. At the end the task, you should have a neat box like this one.

Clean Boxes
Clean Boxes | Source


  • I got rid of almost one third of the odds and ends from my plastic box, which added up to approximately two pounds, in weight, of unneeded items.
  • In a well-organized box like this one, you will always find the things that you need with ease.
  • Having your odds and ends organized allows you to be more creative when engaging in a new project.

Don´t worry about putting labels on each item. By doing the cleaning and organization of your odds and ends, you should have already memorized where you placed each and every item.

You won´t have any problem finding them, when you finish organizing your odds and ends. If you maintain your odds and ends organized from now on, you will always remember where each item can be found.

My Odds and Ends Before and After

Before and After
Before and After | Source


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  • unvrso profile image

    Jose Juan Gutierrez 4 years ago from Mexico City

    This tutorial will help you keep things organized and simple. As a consequence, you will have more time to think clearly without being distracted seeing all the mess around your odds and ends.

    Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it!

  • MsDora profile image

    Dora Weithers 4 years ago from The Caribbean

    Thanks for showing that this can be done. I assume that I'll be more patient and more disciplined afterwards.