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How to Paint Hand Prints - Interior Paint

Updated on June 29, 2011

Hello, and thank you for visiting my Article on "How to Paint Hand Prints for Interior Painting."

I want to give you some great ideas on painting your childs room, this can be for a boy or a girls room and its alotta Fun!!

I want to give you an easy step by step guide to help you be creative and enjoy painting.


Painting my Boy's Closet

I was given some free paint by my aunt, of shades of blue and white, and decided to paint my sons rooms in sky blue with Natural looking clouds.

for painting clouds please click here to check out my article on "How to Paint Clouds"

So we decided with the extra paint that we were going to do Hand prints in an old fashion styled closet :)

Items Needed

  • I would choose from 3 to 5 colors for your project
  • paint tray
  • paint roller
  • and some children or even yourself to make your own handprints
  • wash rag for mistakes
  • some plastic for the floor

  • Time: is about 2 to 6 hours of work. ( for a closet)

Painting a bedroom can take probably 2 days :)

How to Paint Hand Prints - Interior Paint and Design
How to Paint Hand Prints - Interior Paint and Design | Source

Project "Painting"

Before Painting:

  • First what I decided to do is this.
  • Lay down my plastic
  • Do some touch up's filling holes etc with some caulking
  • All Caulking and sanding etc, should be done first.

Painting the Wall:

  • Then I started painting my background first in solid White. (Let this dry)

Painting the Hand Prints:

  • I took 2 different shades of blue inside paint trays. (sky blue, dark blue )
  • and used both of my sons to do hand prints on the White
  • first we did the darker blue, lightly sitting hands into the paint to glaze the hands and not to much paint to wear it is dripping.
  • then pressed the hand up against the wall in different directions.
  • once we did the dark colors and let them dry. (15 Min's)
  • we took the light blue and did hand prints in the gaps and printed in different directions
  • You can also overlay hands.
  • or even do flower patterns (for a girls room)
  • I even did a couple myself.

Be sure to have a wet wash rag just in case of drips. Or you can always touch up on your background painting.

Please Note: That if too much paint is on the hands, this will create more of a smeared Hand Print, instead of an actual Hand Print. We did in fact have a couple of those, you can light dab it with a cloth, or just paint over it and start again :)


This is realitively Easy and can be done from infants to toddlers, to any age group.

You can be creative and do different styles of the hand prints as well as using different color schemes and patterns.

We did ours in blues, because the theme of the room was clouds.

But I would imagine for a girl or boy that many different colors and patterns can be used so its a very versitile project.

The Fun Part:  Is just involving your children. It is a way to spend time with them as well as letting them be apart of a project of the house that they can be so proud of, not to mention seeing their handprints and knowing the older they get the bigger their hands will get also.

It is just alotta fun!


I hope you enjoyed my article on "How to Paint Hand Prints"

This was our Cloud Theme Room. You can see photos of the clouds

on my How to Paint Clouds hub.

Thank you for visiting and have a Beautiful day!

Just follow the Butterfly



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