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How to Paint a Room Like the Commercial Painters Do

Updated on July 15, 2016

For a great looking home, it is important to take steps to keep both aesthetically pleasing as well as structurally sound. You can do this by performing those standard household maintenance jobs yourself, or hiring commercial painters, builders, electricians and other pros to do the work for you. Either option is fine, but why not try your hand at some of the more basic elements of home maintenance?

For instance, one household job that many find pleasurable is that of painting – especially if the painting is inside rather than exterior walls. If you have never painted be for, it might seem a bit intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. With some prep work, and some basic tools you may be surprised at how much you will enjoy it --- if you paint a room and decide it’s not for you, there is no shame in calling in a commercial painting team!

Tips for Interior Home Painting

If you have selected your paint color, then now is time to gather up some basic supplies. These include the expected assortment of brushes, as well as painter’s tape, drop cloths, wall primer, a paint stirrer, a paint tray and liner, a painters rod, a 5 gallon bucket for mixing paint in, spackling to fill any holes in the wall, and a damp sponge to wash off any dirt on the walls. Once you have gathered all your supplies, you are ready to get started, so let’s begin.

  • Take everything you possibly can, out of the room and cover any large pieces of furniture securely with plastic sheeting. Be sure to take off doors, light fixtures, and hardware. Be sure to label everything so you know where it came from.
  • Prep wall surfaces. Use the sponge to wash off any dirt, then use the spackle to correct any holes or gouges.
  • Use painter’s tape to secure the drop cloth, and to tape off any surfaces where you don’t want to find extra paint on.
  • Paint at least one layer of primer. If the walls in particularly bad shape or the first color was darker than the color you are changing to, you may need to do 2 coats. Remember to roll paint on in a “W” pattern.
  • Once the primer is dry, you are ready to add the new paint color. Again using a W pattern and working from top to bottom, begin painting the walls. Cut in as close as you can to corners windows and doors, and then use an angled brush to get into that narrow crevice.
  • In the event you discover that the paint dried with bumps in the surface, they can be sanded off with sandpaper, then just repaint the surface as needed.

Having a beautifully room doesn’t have to be an impossibility, and it is something you can do. You just have to willing to learn and work.

When it comes to wanting your home to look its best, there are many approaches one might take. These may range from structural changes to things like painting the interior or exterior walls. Of course, some of these elements can be quite challenging – especially if one of them is exterior painting. It is in scenarios such as this that you will find that working with a commercial painters, builders or other professionals can ensure that your home – both inside and outside – looks its best. Companies such as Durapro Painting can help you ensure that your home always looks its best.

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