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How to Pick the Best Bed Cover

Updated on September 15, 2011

From Quilts to Comforters and Beyond

Choosing the best bed cover can be a daunting task. First you need to figure out whether you want a thick and fluffy down comforter, a rustic quilt or a modern comforter. Then, you have to choose from hundreds of patterns and colors to match your decor. Putting the crowning tough on your bed can be exhausting! Never fear, I'm here to help break down the basic of buying a soft comforter for your bed with ease.


This is your standard cotton and poly filled blanket which usually comes in a matching set of some sort, like a "bed in a bag". Sometimes they look nice and have very alluring prints, but don't give in to the siren song! In my opinion you have many better, and more comfortable options. I find these comforters to be a bit scratchy and not warm enough in winter, and too hot in summer. There is one plus though: they are easy to clean and go through the wash without too much damage.


The time honored tradition of handmade quilts goes back for hundreds of years. Of course, you can also buy beautiful machine made quilts from the store as well. Whether your quilt is an heirloom piece passed down for generations, or just something you bought at the local big-box store, a quilt can make a very pretty addition to any bed.Because most quilts are made of cotton with a relatively thin piece of batting in between the top and bottom layers, they are best used as spring and summer covers for your bed.

Down Comforter

The creme de la creme, the best of the best, can you tell I have a love affair with down comforters? These comforters are made of soft but sturdy cotton or sateen on the outside, and stuffed with feathers and down on the inside. When you go to buy a down comforter, look for ones with higher percentages of down. The more down in the blanket, the more fluffy it will be and the less pokey feathers it will contain. Cheap down comforters will have lots of feathers for filler, but these will soon poke out of the comforter and prickle you during the night. Also check on the temperature rating for the comforter. Some will be great for the coldest of winter nights, and others will be better for warmer evenings. Experiment and find out what brands you like. My personal favorite and a sure bet is Charter Club, which you can find good deals for on Ebay.

So What are you Waiting for?

The perfect bed cover is waiting out there for you today! Keep a lookout for interesting alternates to these three classic options, such as down alternative micro-suede comforters. Technology is always advancing, and the bed is not to be left behind. Good luck, and have fun shopping!


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    • happyflower profile image

      happyflower 8 years ago from London, UK

      Fantastic detail about bedding. In England the comforter is known as a duvet (maybe you use that term in US too). Anyway the snow has started to fall here in London so it really is time to crawl under the covers to shelter from the cold.