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How to Pick the Best Flooring for Your House

Updated on August 4, 2016
Hardwood flooring of a house.
Hardwood flooring of a house.


Choosing the best flooring for your home involves considering things ahead of time, such as each function of the areas of the room, your family's special needs and lifestyle, its appearance, and your budget. This then would help you narrow down your options when picking the flooring type you’d want to incorporate. So what are the things you should keep in mind when picking the best flooring? Here are some of those:

Relative to Each Area’s Specific Function

  • Kitchen

Kitchens are more prone to dropping, spilling, and staining, that is why you should pick water, stain, and wear resistant, durable floor types. It would also be better if you choose a flooring that has a good insulating property. Hardwoods can still be a good choice, contrary to others' notions. It add home-like feel to the kitchen, and also good at coping with high traffic. But one must ensure that a polyutherane finish is put, a polymer that could safeguard your wood from moisture.

  • Bathroom

Another moisture prone area in the house are bathrooms, so a water resistant type of flooring is also demanded. In this case, linoleum, limestone, ceramics, marbles, and granites are all good options.

  • Living room

Since it is in the living room where your family, most of the time, bond, it would be nice to pick a secure and comfortable floor type that has a good sound insulating property and an aesthetically pleasing style. Given these necessities, woods, linoleum, carpets, and cork could be an excellent choice.

  • Bedroom

Since an ample amount of our time is spent at the bedroom, it would be essential to consider if anyone living in your home has any respiratory allergies or chemical insensitivities and the like. In these cases, some types of carpets used in the flooring trigger side effects, that’s why you must look for floorings that have low VOC emissions.

Relative to Your Family’s Special Needs and Lifestyle

Aside from taking into consideration the functions of each room, you must also take note of the special needs of your family and their lifestyle. When it comes to children with safety needs, smooth tiles can be very slippery when they get wet. So it is advisable to choose textured tiles.

If you have children, then surely there'd be a lot of running, playing, and wear and tear not only in the living room, but all over the house. Thus, laminated flooring would be a really good choice. It has factory applied coatings made to be durable and resistant to scratch.

Furthermore, if you have any family member who uses wheelchair, tiles are not a good option, as the grout would impede to the ease of passing through the corners of the house.

Relative to Its Appearance

In regards your flooring’s appearance, it is vital not to pick a flooring which you may not like years after, so to speak, don’t go trendy. Instead, go for a timeless type of flooring, like the ones that have a neutral color (e.g. natural wood, beige, cream, and white), as they never go out of style.

Relative to Your Budget

Similarly, you should mind your budget. Don’t ever spend too much nor should you spend too less. Look for a quality flooring that is cost effective, or look for something that can maximize your budget.


As a whole, every type of flooring has its own corresponding pros and cons, which you should know. Given all the key points reiterated above, and the general knowledge about the pros and cons of the different flooring types, evaluate what is best suited for your home and each area’s individual functions.

In that way, you’d be able to wisely choose a safe and secure floor your family would walk on for many years to come. Start the search now by checking out hardwood floors company in Downriver, Michigan.


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