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How to Pick the Best Personal Planner or Agenda for You

Updated on February 3, 2015

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Get Organized with a Personal Planner

Feeling a sudden need to get organized? Trying to get a jump start on a new year? Wondering if there is a better planner out there than one that you are currently using?

With the existence of tablets and smart phones, there are certainly plenty of applications (apps), both paid and free, for planners and agendas. Still, some people find it easier to maintain a paper, or hard copy, version. This information will focus on physical, paper planners.

Whether you already use a personal planner or are interested in purchasing your first, this article should provide you with some suggestions for selecting the best planner for your needs.

Step 1: Determine the Primary Use

There are a wide variety of planners out there, some of which are specifically tailored to special purposes. The first step to finding your perfect planner should be to determine your main objective while using the planner. Planners usually fall under one of these main categories:

  • Personal/General- Personal, or General, planners typically contain areas to enter in daily appointments as well as areas for to-do lists, reminders, birthdays, personal information, etc.
  • Business- Business planners tend to be focused on appointments, corporate contact information, task lists, etc
  • Student- Student planners often have reading schedules, assignment lists, reminder areas, and more. They also are often set up for school years, or academic years, as opposed to a calendar year.


Step 2: Determine the Time Detail

Depending on how detailed you want to be with your plans, there are different options available. It is important to select the frequency with which you want to plan to ensure that there is not too little or too much information and pages in your planner. Select whether you would like to plan:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

Step 3: Identify any Special Needs or Features

This is the fun part! There is still a great variety of personal planners out there, so you are able to select one with special features to help keep you on track with your planning needs. Some of the options available are:

  • Inspirational/Motivational
  • Religious
  • Fitness
  • Mom-Focused

Personalized Planner
Personalized Planner

Step 4: Additional Considerations

In finding the perfect planner, there may still be some additional factors for you to consider:

  • Size: Desk, Large, Classic, Pocket
  • Flexibility: Can you add pages; i.e. ring bound vs. spiral bound or classic bound
  • Price: Does the planner fit into your price range/budget?
  • Environmental: Does the planner use recycled paper?
  • Personalization: Can you add your own quotes, photos, extras

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Happy Planning!

I hope that this article has helped you on the search to find the perfect planner or agenda for you. If you know of any great planners that are not listed, please let me know in the "comments" section below. Thanks for reading!

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