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How to Pick the Right Colour for Kitchen

Updated on December 24, 2014
Standardized Kitchen
Standardized Kitchen

As lifestyle improves, so does our capacity to store things. Kitchens however, generally suffer from lack of storage apace. That’s why modular kitchens are coming up with solutions like well-hidden cabinets that look like pieces of art but actually tuck away large vats. If any guest visit to our home first they like to see our kitchen room.

Many of experts help us to choose the best color for our Kitchen. We always prefer light colors for our kitchen to look beautiful, present days we are using dark colors and also we are using multicolored and giving shade to them.

The color scheme of your kitchen depends on its size and functionality. A good color scheme also goes a long way in relaxing you while you work. Here’s some tips to pick the right shade.


For Standardized Kitchen

Use a 60:30:10 split between three different colours. So, 60 per cent of the kitchen displays the dominant colour on walls or, kitchen cabinets. The secondary colour (30 per cent) is used in flooring and windows, while the third shade lends accents to dishes and curtains.

For Outdoor Kitchens

Contrast the colors of the plants and flowers in the outdoors. So, if the backyard has lots of red flowers, adjoin a purple panel at the back to emphasize the flowers and greenery. Add vibrant cushions to the outdoor sitting room. Never use black, no matter what style of kitchen you have.

For Large and Open Kitchens

Unless you want your kitchen to lead the living space, don’t use a colour contrasting with the rest of your home décor. White is largely used for open plan kitchens, with different textures imparting slight variations.

Essentials for a high Brow Kitchen

Giant Cook Top

These are almost always custom made for Indian kitchens, simply because Indian cooking needs a larger vessels and intensive hours on the flame. For a personalized cook top in stainless steel that easily sustains wear and tear.


Forget the minuscule womb-like Spartan confines of the average fridge. Suave kitchens demand a state of the art freeze. Depending on the consistency of use and the ease of access a horizontal or vertical freezer can be brought in; freezers can be cleverly concealed behind the panels.

Steam Oven

Steam Oven

A rare import that locks in nutrients and flavors of foods through the use of the steam.


While the traditional dishwasher has been an apartment fixture in high-end kitchens, a dishwasher with movable portions is a good one for rinsing fewer dishes; instant icemakers and dishwashers glide behind panels in modern luxury kitchens


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