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Great Decorating Ideas for Fall and Anticipation of the Changing Seasons

Updated on October 1, 2015

Make your home Look Great for the Fall

I love this idea
I love this idea | Source
Make A Harvest Arrangement
Make A Harvest Arrangement | Source
Here an antique chair, rustic pillow and scarecrow look cute together
Here an antique chair, rustic pillow and scarecrow look cute together | Source

How to Begin

What Is it that makes Fall so special? School brings excitement to children and the sounds of school buses in the morning and afternoon bring the promise of another new season. It stays darker in the morning and there is a briskness in the air that makes you want to go deeper under your sheets on a cool fall day. In the evening you can begin to smell wood burning in chimneys and leaves begin to turn the most awesome color. Every day you go out is different. The colors are a little brighter each day as the reds and yellows of Fall become deeper on the leaves of the trees. Yard work seems special as you anticipate the season of hibernation when you won't be working in the yard.

I feel a new briskness in my step and the anticipation of the holidays is in the air. This is a time to slow down and enjoy the cool weather, the sound of leaves bristling in the crisp morning air as you sip your coffee. There is an anticipation and wonder as once again the season changes just when you thought it was going to stay hot for the rest of the year. With this I feel a renewed faith as God once again sets into motion nature's song of season's change.

What better time is there to decorate. Mums, pumpkins, dried flowers, wreaths. It is so much fun to browse through craft stores and think about fun wreaths to make. I love bringing quilts out and warming up my home. Cinnamon candles burning inside seem like a special treat on a cool evening.

Prepare for Friends

Now is a great time to stock up on some great teas to serve guests. I like to have some cider in the fridge to warm up for friends and family as well as hot chocolate with some foam whip cream. For a special treat I add Starbucks cinnamon flavoring and caramel sauce in the cider to make their special cider latte. Add a little rum on a cold night and warm your whole body.

I like to take walks around our home looking for pretty fall flowers and leaves to bring indoors. Don't forget the outdoors. Buy a pretty pumpkin for your doorstep and add a couple of large yellow or burgundy mums for color. If you plant them after the blooms are spent you will be rewarded with a new plant next year! Now is the time to plant pansies. Not only will they look pretty in the Fall but they will perk right back up in the early Spring. Ornamental cabbage looks awesome also. Plant your spring bulbs now or dig up last years and separate or share with friends. Now is a fun time to start thinking about the holidays and preparing jam or peanut brittle for your friends and neighbors. Hang wind chimes where you can here them on windy days. Whatever you can do to feel the outdoor indoors. Open the windows on warm fall days to get that crisp smell in the air.

Another fun outdoor decoration is putting a cute scarecrow on a bail of hay with some corn stalks.

Get some firewood ready so you can throw a log in the fireplace at a moment's notice.

I love to entertain in the fall and holiday season. Prepare some chicken noodle soup and chili to freeze when you want to invite some guests in for a quick last minute get together. Have some instant cornbread mix to make and bake in your cast iron skillet. Ground beef and vegetable soup is another favorite.

Don't forget the birds. If you do put our food for them remember to keep it up all winer. some people like to fill a crock or basket with twigs and berries for the birds to nest with and nibble on. It is a cute holiday decoration too.

Most of all take some time for yourself and find time to soak in the tub with candles burning and find some good books to begin reading. We love to put out a Halloween or fall puzzle on our coffee table which someone is always interested in working on it.

About now the local candle shops have some awesome fall scents. Pick one out and light it after dinner to enjoy with your hubby.

I love the smell of cloves, orange rinds, cranberries, and cinnamon on the stove, Make the William Sonoma scent with vanilla, lemon and basil. It is awesome.

Fall Decorating Tips


Don't forget Yourself and Others

Don't forget to dress yourself. Change to a darker mauve lipstick, Look for some fun scarves to dress up your favorite long fall tee shirts. Change your hair to a fun hairstyle. Get some pretty headbands to pull your hair back on a windy day. If you don't wear bangs now would be a great time to give it a try.

Pull out your favorite warm sweaters to wear when you curl up with that great book you found to start this season. Do things that make you feel good.

It is always great to give to others. Make some pumpkin bread for your neighbors. They will love it and you will feel good for touching someone. Who knows what people are going through.

Invite your neighbors over for coffee or take up walking with one of them to enjoy the fall colors and smells together. This is a season of love and anticipation of winter's calm. Get your camera out and take some fun photos of the beautiful colors around you.

Weekends are great for hiking or apple picking. You now have an excuse to make caramel apples or a hot apple pie.

Don't forget to hang some wind chimes. You have to enjoy the breezes and the sounds of Fall.

Shop with me for Fall Decor

Find Decoration in Fun Places

Garage sales and resale shops are great in fall. It is amazing what people are tired of and will make the perfect addition to your home.

Try dollar stores and Big Lots for fun candle holders, picture frames, note cards for fall invites.

Shopping Malls have great candle shops with scented lotions . Potpourri in great holiday scents can often be found at the top of escalators. Many shops are serving hot cider to great their customers.


If you haven't found PInterest yet now is a great time to find the website where you can pin your favorite things to do to your home or recipes to try. You can find all kinds of fun things to do as you prepare your home for fall and the holidays. Great recipes are everywhere on Pinterest.

It can be addicting so beware.

Take this time to really enjoy the season.

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    • nancynurse profile image

      Nancy McClintock 5 years ago from Southeast USA

      I am so glad you enjoyed it. Thanks so much for your comments. I really appreciate them.

    • profile image

      ignugent17 5 years ago


      Thanks for your ideas and I am already excited to do some decorations this coming fall. I am just sad that I was not able to read your hub before because the farmers harvested already the wheat.

      Enjoyed your pictures! Voted up and more.

    • Urban Accents profile image

      Benjamin 5 years ago from New York, New York

      There's something about the fall decor that gets me excited for Thanks Giving. I have a website that features affordable art print room dividers. There are some nice attractive screens with fall season themes. Take a look at the first screen in the selection and you'll see the image of the fallen leaves.

    • nancynurse profile image

      Nancy McClintock 5 years ago from Southeast USA

      Thank you for taking the time to comment.!!!!

    • nancynurse profile image

      Nancy McClintock 5 years ago from Southeast USA

      You are so right just a little extra color can add so much warmth to our homes and lives Thanks for reading and commenting.

    • nancynurse profile image

      Nancy McClintock 6 years ago from Southeast USA

      Thanks for all your dear comments!!

    • carcro profile image

      Paul Cronin 6 years ago from Winnipeg

      Nice pics, fall is such a beautiful time of year, a few simple ideas can add so much warmth to your home, just as you've shown. Thanks for the info! Voted Up!