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How to Purchase Sensitive Skin Detergent

Updated on July 3, 2011
choose the detergent for your sensitive skin carefully
choose the detergent for your sensitive skin carefully

There are times when people find their skin itchy after having washed their clothes with a new detergent product. This is a common thing to happen as a result of the irritation the detergent causes to the skin. This usually happens to the people whose skin is quite sensitive type. Fortunately, there are quite a few detergents out there that will not cause any irritation to the sensitive skin. These detergents are usually free of scent, dyes and are hypoallergenic – meaning even people with allergies can use them. However, before buying a particular sensitive skin detergent, it is wise to pay attention to several things.

First, people with sensitive skin are recommended to acquire free samples of the sensitive skin detergents. That way, they will find out whether their skin will react to the detergent or not. Anyway, what’s the point in buying a particular detergent product if it does not suit their skin type?

The next thing to do is to pay attention to the little details with regards to the detergents. If they are careful enough, they will be able to find the label “clear” or “free” on some detergents. This label indicates that the detergents associated with the label do not have any scent or dyes. Most of the time, it is the scent and the dyes that cause irritation to the people who have the sensitive skin type. Additionally, they can also look for some detergents that specifically mention “for sensitive skin”.

What people need to do next is to visit the organic stores. This particular kind of stores usually get rid of enzymes and dyes that may lead to irritation. Of course, there are still other options available.

While choosing the sensitive skin detergent, people can always use the detergent for babies. Well, it may sound rather stupid at first. However, fact is, there are not few baby detergents out there that are also designed with the sensitive skin type in the manufacturers’ mind. This is because children tend to develop eczema or other skin irritations when they are babies. At times, these irritations can be healed by washing the baby’s clothes using the baby detergents.

Well, if all the things mentioned above have not really helped people with sensitive skin to avoid skin irritations yet, they do not necessarily have to get disappointed. There is another solution possible. The people with sensitive skin can try to make their very own sensitive skin detergent.

To do this, they can browse the World Wide Web pages in order to find out laundry soap recipes which do not need to use too many ingredients. There is a remarkable advantage by making the detergent themselves, they know exactly what it contains. Therefore, they won’t have to worry about skin rash that is often caused by excessive amount of enzymes or chemicals. In addition to that, they can use green materials that are very friendly to the nature. That way, they can help make their environment a better place to live.


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