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How to Remove Popcorn Ceiling with Fun Video

Updated on June 19, 2013


So you're thinking about doing some home improvements and you're deciding whether or not to keep that acoustic ceiling above your head. Let's face it, the trends of the 1970's quickly became unfashionable, and along with those bell-bottom pants, popcorn ceilings are a relic of the past. For that reason, most remodeling projects choose to re-finish the ceilings with a more modern look. To do so, that popcorn ceiling must be scraped off. This is a fairly simple job that just about anyone can do even if you don't have much experience with DIY or home improvement. This is a great way for a homeowner to save some money throughout a remodel project.

What You Will Need

  • Joint Knife (6+ in.)
  • Garden Sprayer
  • Particulate Respirator
  • Goggles / Glasses
  • Plastic Sheets
  • Tape
  • Step Ladder


  1. Prepare the room: Remove furniture and other items you wish to protect. Cover floor with plastic sheets and secure with tape.
  2. Spray the ceiling: Use the garden sprayer to wet ceiling with water and let soak for about 3 minutes. Repeat this process again.
  3. Scrape the ceiling: Using the joint knife, scrape the popcorn off the ceiling. This should not be difficult to do. If it does not come off easily, you should soak with more water. You may wish to catch the popcorn with a bucket, or simply let it fall onto the plastic sheets.
  4. Sand the residue: You may choose to sand the excess residue off the ceiling.
  5. Clean up: Wrap up the plastic sheets and dispose!


Be sure to wear your respirator during the whole process.

Popcorn ceilings typically contain trace amounts of asbestos. If you are concerned with this, you can send a small sample of your ceiling to the EPA or an independent lab for testing.

Watch the video below for a fun demonstration and other useful tips!

Fun Video Demonstration


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    • boundarybathrooms profile image

      Thomas Mulrooney 4 years ago from Colne, Lancashire, UK

      Thanks for this! This type of ceiling was installed in my old house and I hated it, but thankfully I've moved now. It's still there though because I was too lazy to fix it ha ha.