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How to Remove Red Wine Stains from Carpet

Updated on July 16, 2011

The easiest way to remove red wine stains from carpet, using materials you already have at home.

Red wine spills are the dreaded occurance of any household with carpet. This brief hub shows you how to remove red wine stains from carpet using in just a few simple steps.


Step 1:
Place some paper towel over the spill and absorb as much wine as possible by pressing fimly. Do not rub the spill as this will just cause it to spread and worsten the problem.

Step 2:
Sprinkle a liberal amount of bi carb soda on the stain and leave it until it turns grey.

Step 3:

Then remove the bi carb soda by spraying it with white vinegar. This changes the pH, and loosens it from the carpet fibers. This allows you to easily dab it off with a paper towel, leaving your beautiful carpet stain-free.

Hope this helps!

How to Remove Red Wine Stains from Carpet - Video


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    • The Pink Panther profile image

      The Pink Panther 6 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Hey Gary,that's some product you've got there!

      Thanks for commenting!

    • profile image

      Gary G 6 years ago

      Stain Rx (a.k.a. Erado-Sol), is the best stain remover out there. I have been using it on red wine stains since 1969. Just touch it to red wine, iodine, berries (INCLUDING POMEGRANATE), fruit punch, cranberry juice, and the stains disappear in a second. Stains such as mascara, lipstick, blood, balsamic vinegar, vanilla extract and others come out with a little massaging and rinsing. Soak your diamond, gold and platinum jewelry in it for 20 minutes to overnight, you won’t believe it! By the way, the University of California – Davis did a study on red wine stain removal and the #1, ready to use winner was Stain Rx (a.k.a. Erado-Sol). It killed Wine Away which is available everywhere. Go to their site to see what else it does.

      As far as carpeting and upholstery: I use Stain Rx on carpeting and upholstery all the time and have the method down. First, I vacuum the entire carpet or piece of upholstery being treated. Then I clean the entire carpet or upholstery with my Hoover Steam-Vac, a carpet shampooer is at least as good, plus, I ONLY use warm water - no detergent at all. The Hoover sprays in water and vacuums it out. For the carpet I use the Steam-Vac and on upholstery I use the Steam-Vac attachments to do this. While the carpet or upholstery is still wet from this step, do the following; Depending on the size of the stain, put a “dot” of Stain Rx on your fingertip and rub out one stain at a time. After treating a stain, remove all the soapy residue from that area using the instructions below and go on to the next stain. HERE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART: You have to remove all the soapy residue using the attachments from the Steam-Vac, carpet shampooer or a wet/dry shop vacuum. RINSE OUT ALL OF THE SOAPY RESIDUE USING WATER AND THE VACUUM. If you leave Stain Rx in the area, dust will stick forming a gray spot in a few weeks. If this happens, just add water and remove all of the soapy residue.