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How to Repair your Hose Pipes at Home.

Updated on September 9, 2017
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Oftentimes, garden hose pipes become with continued exposure and nonchalant handling. Once the pipe starts leaking, it can drain physically and cost a tidy sum in form of time and water wastage.

Yet, it only takes the usual repair tools to repair or replace any damaged and have your pipe working again. Follow the steps above and save yourself some wet and financially draining sessions in your kitchen garden.

The main areas that are susceptible to causing leakages.

The main problem with hose pipes are leakages caused by weakening of a given part of the pipe or tearing of the given zone. Repairing a leak depends on the extent of the damage. Basically, leakages are classified into 3:

1. Small leaks

These are just small leaks that you might not easily find out. Small leaks may occur around the area you've joined two pipes, joined the pipe to a spraying device or sprinkler head. For small leaks, water won't come out gushing on your face.

2. Leaking Spigot

A hose spigot is that insertion done at the end of the hose pipe and which controls water movement out of the pipe. A spigot has both a male a female connector. They are joined using a thread layer connection.

3. Large leaks

Hose Pipe Repair Kit

To repair your leaking pipe, you'll need;

Rubber washers

A dowel

Rubber adhesive

Tyre levers


You don't have to stop work around your your garden area just because your treasured garden hose pipe has broken down. You can just use locally available materials to mend leaking areas and thus save on a plumber's fee or the cost of replacing the hose shoe pipe. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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