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How to Search for a Home Online

Updated on April 2, 2012

So, you are ready to purchase a home, but not sure where to start your search. One of the best places now to search for a new home is online. It can provide you pictures, facts, and neighborhood information right from the comfort of your living room. With advanced sear item listings you can find your home that much more quickly then you could with individual listings.

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1. Searching With “MLS:

If, you have a real estate agent already lined up they should give you access to the national MLS system. The MLS system is a Multiple Listing Service that lists thousands of homes all around the country. The biggest advantage to the national MLS service is that it pulls from thousands of databases that have homes for sale. So, you will always find homes in the neighborhoods that you are searching in.

2. Searching MLS by price

One of the best ways to search the MLS system is by price. If, you already have a real estate agent you should have already done your home work to determine how much house you can afford. With that price you can narrow your search down dramatically by searching only for homes that are within your price range.

3. Searching MLS by amenities and features

Another fantastic feature of the MLS is that you can narrow your homes down further by the things you need to have in it. For Example if you are looking for a home with pool or a certain amount of land with it then you can specify exactly what you want. This will help you further narrow down the list of homes.

4. Compare homes online with MLS

With MLS system you have already narrowed down price, amenities, and now you need location. Once you have chosen the location and narrowed down your other fields you will have a small list of homes to choose from. If you find one house that particularly matches your criteria then MLS can also compare homes that are similar in the same neighborhood. Further providing you information on price differences, how long they were on the market and other valuable information you can use when you are ready to place a bid.

This is a great tool for buyers but never go on the MLS system alone. Make sure you take the time to do the basic legwork to. Make sure you visit the home you are looking at sometimes pictures or virtual tools are nice but not the same as actually being there. Also check with the cities records hall for tax information liens and anything else that may prevent you from buying the home. Also check the neighborhood for schools shopping centers and other things that you will need to be easily accessible. Once you have completed that then you are well on your way to an actual bid. But, if not you can then specify the MLS system to narrow a specific search further. It is updated daily and will keep you informed when homes have matched your criteria. So, if you are looking for a home online then this is truly your best free resource.


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