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How to Select Oil Painting for Your Home Decoration?

Updated on May 10, 2013

As the shelter of the laboring reality, home should always be consoling as well as comfortable. So, when you are preparing to decorate your home, in what way can you create your own world of happiness? Many people nowadays choose to be an artist, decorating their home in an artistic style, among most of whom oil painting is indispensable, if not absolute necessary. Here, then, raises another question: how to select oil painting so that your home is inviting instead of being awkward because of your carelessness?

The first rule I would like to mention is to choose what you like. It’s not as simple as you may think. When one is selecting oil painting, he or she has to face with various temptations, from the price, the salesman, or the artist. Never buy a famous priceless painting of Vincent van Gogh if you detest post-impressionism, no matter how amazing about him the salesman or your friend told you, for you are the one that have to live with it, otherwise your life would be a torture as if to live with someone you never love.

Knowing what your preference is, you should pay attention to the second rule, that is, to choose the right size. This basis knowledge is constantly neglected, resulting in unpopular, sometimes catastrophic, effect. Imagine, for instance, to celebrate your moving day, your grandmother, stepping into your house for the first time at night, catches a glimpse of a giant painting of The Scream by Edward Munch on the wall of your corridor. What would be her reaction? She, getting a heart attack, might have no time to appreciate this masterpiece. On the other hand, you might now notice that such a painting like The Scream is not suitable for welcoming your distinguished guests. That’s exactly what I’m going to talk about next.

Different rooms in your house have their own functions with their special characteristics. In this case, you might not want to put The Scream in your bedroom either, unless you feel like waking up late at night to stare at it, thinking about the twisted dream you had. To sum up, what I’m saying is to choose the right style. Sunflower by Vincent van Gogh, as for me, is warm and moving enough to show your hospitality, to meet your guests in the corridor.

What I have mentioned above is three very basic knowledge of how to select oil painting for your home decoration. When you are indeed doing such work, there are still much more professional tips for you to consider. After finishing your decoration, you will find that a home of peace and art is worth all the careful choices before.


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