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How to Select a Garage Door

Updated on May 27, 2017

Your garage doors are an important part of your home. They don’t just allow you to park out of the weather or serve as an added layer of home security, but they also serve to enhance the appearance of your home. Consequently, you want to choose garage doors that look great and show of your style.

But there is more to it than just purchasing garage doors. You want to keep with the style of the neighborhood while choosing garage doors where repairs are minimum and endurance is maximum. So, what criteria should be used when selecting garage doors.

  • Don’t order your garage doors over the phone, via the internet or simply after talking to someone at the seller’s location. Rather, have a salesperson come to your home and help you make a true determination based on opening size and shape, headroom and side clearance, and style of your home’s exterior.
  • Be careful before deciding that wood doors are the perfect solution. While they may look nice, wood garage doors often require more repairs and maintenance than other styles. However, if your only concern is saving money then wood doors are a great choice. But, if the look of wood is what you want, then consider the myriad of faux wood garage doors as they have the look of real wood but with the stability of plastic.
  • Don’t skimp on the insulation. Your garage doors help maintain the temperature of your garage. Opt for a garage door with a higher R-value as that will work better.
  • If you want to keep garage doors repairs at a minimum, spend a little extra on the springs used. By spending as little as $50 more, you can add an extra 5 years to the lifespan of your doors.
  • Let them install the doors for you. It’s not worth the money you might save to turn it into a DIY project! There is a plethora of parts of pieces that must be installed and doing it wrong can have fatal and costly results.
  • If you plan to have windows included in your garage doors, then keep these tips in mind: If the garage is heated use insulated glass; to maintain security and privacy opt for the windows to be at the top of the door; if possible, match the windows of the garage to those of your home; and, if the garage opening is angled rather than square corners, then don’t install glass that goes behind them as it usually looks awkward.
  • For a quieter door, choose one with polyurethane insulation and nylon rollers.
  • Should you plan on a steel door, then opt for one that is at least 24-gauge steel as this minimizing the risk of denting.
  • Choose a door that is “storm ready”. This means it will have a built-in reinforcement system that helps it hold up in a severe weather situation.
  • Be sure that when you are given an estimate on a door, that it includes the cost of installation.

Choosing the right garage door is a great way to ensure that repairs are rare and that your door last for a long time. Talk to the pros in your area and learn which one is perfect for your home.

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