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How to Stage a Bathroom in a Home for Sale

Updated on October 25, 2014

A master bedroom with an on suite is ideal for lots of folks.

Getting the most for your money when you sell your home is crucial. Update your old bathroom motif to showcase it.
Getting the most for your money when you sell your home is crucial. Update your old bathroom motif to showcase it. | Source
This is a checklist of things to make your bathroom better and a house sell faster or spend less time on the market
This is a checklist of things to make your bathroom better and a house sell faster or spend less time on the market | Source
Coordinate the colors of a master bedroom and the on suite. This is a tremendous selling point for lots of homes.
Coordinate the colors of a master bedroom and the on suite. This is a tremendous selling point for lots of homes.
Searching for a house is never easy. Bathrooms are one of the first things people look at after the number of bedrooms in sale ads.
Searching for a house is never easy. Bathrooms are one of the first things people look at after the number of bedrooms in sale ads. | Source
Linen closets are important parts of the bathroom and buyers take a good long look at these so make certain you have them tidy
Linen closets are important parts of the bathroom and buyers take a good long look at these so make certain you have them tidy | Source

Clean and declutter to get started on the bathroom

Bathrooms are a room anyone looking for a new home puts on a list of things which have a major affect on buying. When touring a house during a walkthrough special attention is paid to these small rooms which are never inconsequential. Take a moment to spend more than a small amount of time getting these ready in a home for sale. Investing more money and time in the bathroom area is a guaranteed return on your money and time. These are tips and techniques to use when staging a bathroom to sell a house.


Coordinate decorating or any changes with your bedroom if you have a master bedroom and master bathroom/on suite combination. This means match colors or use hues and tints which compliment one another. One of the easiest modifications to make is new colors for accessories in your bathroom. it is a simpler task to alter the accessories in a bathroom than the connecting bedroom.

Give the room a put together look with towels, soaps or rods. A theme or idea tying everything together is terrific. The shower curtain and any rugs in the room are sold together in lots of stores. Small things like candles and bath salts on the side of the tub are even noticeable.

Double sinks are what lots of buyers search for in this day and age. Though, if you only have a single one, play it up. Changing out the faucets for new or higher end ones will make up for missing the extra sink. If you have room for a larger mirror, install one. This gives the room a larger look with one sink.

If you choose to put in very expensive fixtures, the counter space and vanity need to be of the same grade. This means new counters and vanities if needed. Before installing new fixtures, make certain the other upgrades are feasible for everything to connect with one another. Choosing not to do one will make the undone portion stick out like a sore thumb. Buyers will miss out on the wonderful work you did do and only see what you did not.

Guest baths and half baths

Guest baths or half baths are generally a little easier than working with the main bathroom for staging. If you are lucky enough to have this extra a lot of buyers look for, be sure they are going to come in and have a good look. Show something they will like and remember fondly.

A guest bathroom is also considered a premise to work on. These spaces are usually small enough to take less than a can of paint to cover everything. Most are minus a tub or shower which also saves on what modifications need to be made to make it shine or to stage.

This particular room is used by more general traffic, not specific to a bedroom or other room in most cases. This means go with something more along the lines of neutral. How about synchronizing something not too masculine or feminine in nature? You would do well to stay away from any bright or unnatural colors. Score of sellers do neutral tones here successfully.

One exception is if the half bath is off of a finished basement or family room. Try and pull in some of the colors or hues from the big room into finishing touches for the bath.

You do not need to spend a lot decorating these, but make them look inviting. A couple of candles and complementing towels go a long way in creating an inviting interior.


The kitchen and bathroom are two of the most essential rooms in any home to keep clean at all times while your house is on the market. These definitely garner the most attention on walk thrus or even pictures online.

Scrub and polish the porcelain knobs on the shower and sink. Get behind the toilet and wash the walls if you did not paint. The rugs and towels should always be clean and dry. Linen closets are organized and tidy as well. Their size is assessed while reviewing the size of the bathroom tied to it. The smaller the space, the more tidying needs to be done and more often.

Since this area will see a lot of traffic, you will find yourself cleaning it more often during this entire selling process than you otherwise might have in the past.

Fix it

You need to fix it now if it is broken or in need of a repair. If the leak in the toilet needs to be fixed, do it right away. They will turn on the facets and flush the toilets as part of the looking process if they are interested in buying the property.

Invest in the new shower door you had on a list of things to do. Now is the best time to take care of any modifications and repairs. Fix it now before it costs you a sale. The small price you pay for the big picture to look great is certainly worth it.

Medicine cabinets and safety

Medicine cabinets are one of the most personal places in any house. This is where you keep private things generally not shared with the outside world. Medication is one of them and the most important. Not only will someone steal your medicine, they also use info on a prescription bottle for other illegal intents or purposes. Keep the temptation away and the worry out of your mind by being proactive with prescription medication in a medicine cabinet.

Most buyers walking through a home and looking in this personal space are honest. Though, a few criminals will pose as a potential home buyer. Some will help themselves to what they see when you are not looking. You are typically not with the real estate agent when showing a property. There are times when you are not even familiar with the agent showing it.

Always be careful of what you do or do not leave in your medicine cabinet while a home is on the market. Even if the buyer doesn’t invade the privacy of a homeowner and steal prescription meds, a member of their family or friend tagging along with them possibly could. You will not be there to prevent it. Avoid the temptation and do not leave any in this space.

Where to put meds for safety

Most real estate agents ask sellers to leave during the walk thru process. Unless you have a hidden camera, you are setting yourself up for some woe if you do not follow a few simple tips when it comes to this area of your house. This is especially true for anyone using pain medications or related meds which are very attractive for illegal use.

Remove all of it and put it in a hidden space which will not be accessed by anyone but you at any time. Countless people use a safe or lockbox. Setting them up in a hidden space in the top of the closet not visible or accessible to buyers also works. Never take them out of the medicine chest to simply set them up on a dresser still within a thief’s reach.

Remove other things kept in the same space if they look like clutter. It is okay to keep the bottle of aspirin in there, but do not let junk draw away from what you are trying to show.

Unclutter the cupboards

Throw away half empty bottles of things. Get rid of expired items and wipe off everything you keep in the bathroom. This means clean up even the little tube of toothpaste. Make it gleam whenever you show the house.

Organize things like curling irons and other appliances. If you need to purchase extra storage space to get things in order, it is worth the cost. Smaller bins or tubs with snap lids are wonderful to place in the garage, attic or basement until you sell the house and move.

These are actions to certainly keep things organized and even give you a head start on packing. Keep the essentials out for use. Most people find there are plenty of things non essential to store away.

Under the bathroom sink is a space usually not receiving a lot of attention from people living in a house. You bet your last dollar the walk through buyer will pay it a lot. This is by and large where they are searching for leaks or anything else to use to get the price negotiated.

Throw out old dirty scrub brushes. Buy new ones if you need them. Things like drain cleaners or other fix it products hurt your selling efforts, toss these as well or hide in a closed box in the basement or attic.

Linen closets

The linen closet is certainly significant. How big or small they are along with how many you have in a home and where they are located all are playing a part in how attractive a bathroom is. Depending on what a buyer has on their wish list for a linen closet will determine which one of these attributes is the most important.

Make certain yours shines. If you are one of those housekeepers that never fold towels or sheets, you want to make some changes now. Fold your clean linens and put them in your linen closet in an orderly fashion.

If your closet outside of the bathroom itself is for another use, how will a buyer know this is where their linens go? Put linens back in and use it for the intended purpose.

Lots of people will paint the linen closet if they paint the bathroom. Though, depending on where it is located will make a difference whether it gets a new coat of paint or not.

In conclusion

There are two things to get rid of. Dirty clothes and laundry are two items to always remove from the bathroom along with the trash.

Staging this small room in the home is just as important as staging your kitchen for a sale. Take the time to make it look and feel perfect for the next potential buyer walking through to get your home to sell faster.

Great tips for getting bathrooms and bedrooms staged for selling your home

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    • Suzie HQ profile image

      Suzanne Ridgeway 5 years ago from Dublin, Ireland

      Hi smcopywrite,

      Many thanks for this interesting look at bathrooms as I am about to rent my apartment having re painted it totally and done numerous DIY repairs, some small some not so small! Good tips I will take on board here, voted useful and interesting!


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