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How to Stop Competing With Your Neighbors

Updated on December 17, 2012

Spot Bad Neighbours When Buying a House

Even though you find a house of your dreams after a long time, you won’t be aware of the neighborhood Sometimes you won’t even try to notice the bad neighbors only because you have been greatly attracted by the appearance of that particular house. But it’s very necessary to know your neighbors before buying a house. Bad neighbors can turn out to be a real problem for you in future. The following five checkpoints will help you spot the bad neighbors.

Maintenance of Surrounding Neighborhood: Look the yards and exteriors of the neighborhood It doesn't matter whether those houses are old or new. But the thing to be checked is how neat and tidy they are kept. If you find weedy yards, garbage and a lot of unwanted things around a house you can make sure that it’s a bad neighbor Such bad neighbors turn out to be a great problem when you try to sell your property in future. Even a wonderful house seems ruined if there is an awful neighbor nearby.

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Maintenance of Surrounding Neighbourhood

Noisy Neighbors: This category of people doesn't give consideration to any one in their neighborhood They conduct late night parties and disturb others with loud music. So make a visit to the area, especially on Friday and Saturday nights.

Sex Offenders: Look into the criminal background of your neighbors You can know if there are any sex offenders in that location by checking online or you can ask to the local police precinct whether they have any records of criminal cases filed there. Don’t become satisfied if such a neighbor is at a far distance from your house. Make sure that such places are not on the way to your children’s school or their playground. Such neighborhood is also sure to bring down the value of a house.

Dangerous Pets: Some dogs and other pets are trained by their owners to be very dangerous. It would not be too safe to have such a neighborhood if you have small children. Some times they even cause great disturbance by barking throughout the night as they may be neglected by their owners. So check whether they are well cared.

Vacant Areas Around the House: Vacant areas in the surrounding will encourage a number of evil activities. This can also turn out to be a very great reason for bringing down the property value. Also look for any vacant buildings in the surrounding that may be the camp of many illegal activities.

Ignoring the neighbourhood is one of the common mistakes made by people while buying a house, especially when it is the first time. So give special care in selecting a good house along with good neighbours. Visit the place several times before buying the property and make necessary enquiries.


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