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How to Survive Winter without Going Bear

Updated on December 10, 2012

Though we may be descended from apes, sometimes we behave like bears. For instance, you might say some people are bears to get up in the morning if you can't do anything to get them out of bed (in those cases it's best just to let them be, especially if you've seen Ouran High School Host Club and have observed Honey and Kyoya's behavior). Others talk about wanting to hibernate through winter. While that would be nice, humans simply aren't built for it nor is it coded into our DNA. If you're like me and hate the cold, here are some tips for your survival under certain conditions; if you love winter, then good for you, but I was born in the spring and need the warmth of the sun as much as oxygen or water.

Adjusting to standard time can be difficult. You may not be as late as you would be during Daylight Saving Time, but you will have the feeling that the time of day is later than it really is. Thus, you may find yourself waking up early and falling asleep early rather against your will. Before this happens at night, stimulate your brain to ward off drowsiness so you can resume your normal sleep schedule. I've found that brushing your teeth is stimulating because they are in your head with nerves that are close to your brain. Some people excercise, which is fantastic as long as you can maintain that it doesn't tire you out. Reading, watching TV, and listening to music are not advised because you can still fall asleep during any of those activities no matter how determined you are or how stimulating they might be. While I don't believe the wrong choice in programming or content will necessarily rot your brain, you can certainly keep your teeth from rotting (or yellowing).

To break an addiction or bad habit, drink water. This works best with oral fixations. Snacking during winter is bear-like indeed, as packing on extra pounds is what they do to stay warm and full during their winter sleep. If your New Year's resolution is to lose weight, however, you may not want to do that. Every time you have the urge to put something in your mouth, substitute it with a swig from a bottle of water. This way, you will stay hydrated and cleansed while sticking to whatever diet you've chosen and keeping your resolution. Bears cannot do this. Also, while outdoor exercise may not be optimal for your health during the cold winter months, seek indoor alternatives like pacing instead of jogging or power-walking. If you can't stay in shape, you can certainly try to remain active.

To keep the cold out of your house without driving up your heating bill, hang blankets over your curtain rods to cover the windows. It may look weird and you will have to lift them to look through the windows, it isn't all that far-fetched. Some companies make insulating pads that attach themselves to the wall with Velcro strips. They were designed to fit over sliding glass doors, so they may not be ideal for windows depending on what kind you have. Putting a draft guard under your door or on window sills to keep out any drafts is also advisable. Furthermore, double up on the blankets on your bed. They may be heavy and allow for less movement if you have to toss and turn a lot to get comfortable, but it's better than curling up in a fetal position under just one blanket because you're still cold. Those who like winter have got it right in this instance - you can always put on more layers.


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