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How to Have the Best Venetian Plaster Guide

Updated on February 15, 2013

Guide To Venetian Plaster

Like many traditional plastering techniques, this one achieves its effect with a combination of unique materials and skilled application.

Venetian plaster is a decorative painting technique used to create an effected stuccoed surface. Venetian plaster can be put on all flat surfaces, including ceilings.

Look for Venetian plaster at home centers and paint stores. The latter approach obviously offers far more color choices than buying tinted plaster own. You can find a state-of-the-art one-step decorative interior plaster coating with extreme strength and durability.

The recipe for Venetian plaster is based on a mix of aged slaked lime, ground marble dust, and pigment.

Fortunately, achieving the effect of Venetian plaster is now much simpler and can be done by anyone.

Walls should be primed in advance, either in white or tinted with the same color of the desired Venetian plaster.

You'll love the way the reflective finish of Venetian plaster plays with the light in a room.

If desired, base-coat the wall and the color of the Venetian plaster to eliminate visible white spots.

Materials needed: latex base coat paint, eggshell sheen (Linen White). Benjamin Moore tinted Venetian plaster (BR-1x8, TG-1x2, BK-4, P + L=, V-6, M-37). Modern Masters water bottle paint tray3/4" nap roller and handle 400- and 600-grit sand paper electric sander (optional) steel trowel (or 6" putty knife with the edges sanded) mud tray towels or rags.

Spray the roller until it's damp to help the thick plaster go on easier. Put just enough plaster in the tray to cover a comfortable area (about 6'x6'). The roller is a quick way to apply the plaster, but follow with random sweeps of the trowel to level the surface.

Let the plaster dry for at least four hours before applying the second (and last) coat. Let the plaster dry for at least four hours before applying the second (and last) coat.

Fill the mud tray with more plaster and bend the trowel slightly to help alleviate scratch marks.

Apply the plaster in crossed and rounded strokes to create the illusion of texture. The goal is to fill in the holes and even out the plaster so you need 100 percent coverage now. If you're plastering a large surface, this is where you want some help. You should see the texture between the first layer of plaster and the second.

And for Venetian Finish Coat, apply first coat of Venetian plaster with a stainless steel trowel using short random strokes.

With the assistance and expertise of Venetian Plaster Applicators you can now enjoy the greatness and architectural genius of True Italian Plasters.


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