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How to apply floor finish with a microfiber flat mop system

Updated on April 12, 2012

How to apply floor finish with a microfiber flat mop system

How to apply floor finish with the microfiber flat mop system

Many of us are applying floor finish with a finishing mop head. If you are still using this method of applying floor finish, please make sure to use a finish mop or rayon mop head that are designed for applying floor finish. If you use regular all purpose mop heads, floor finish will not be applied nicely.

Many are now trying a new method of applying floor finish with the microfiber flat mop system. It is much easier, faster and cleaner.

Microfiber flat mop system comes in a few different sizes.

Common sizes are: 5”x12”, 5”x18”, 5”x24”, 5”x32”, 5”x48”etc.

The best size to use for areas with lots of corners and edges are either 18” or 24”. If you are working on big open areas, you will probably use 32”, 36”, 48”, etc.

There are a few options with the microfiber flat mop system.

You can purchase one with a plain handle without a solution tank built in or one that has a built in tank. If you purchase one with a built in tank, you can use it to hold floor finish or use it to hold cleaning solution if you are using it for damp mopping. (Note: if you are using it to hold floor finish, you must clean up really well after use to make sure to remove all floor finish out of the system. If not, residue of the floor finish will dry up between the bottle and solution hose and it will clog up the system).

You can also take a look at mop buckets which are designed for the flat mop system. It will make it easy for you when you have a large area to do daily mopping.

If you have large wide open areas such as stores, banquet halls, hallways, etc., look for wide area floor finish applicators. These usually have a built in large holding tank to hold large amount of floor finish. Some even have a built in battery pump system to pump out the floor finish as you apply wax on big areas.

How to apply floor finish with flat mop applicator

First pour some amount of floor finish on the floor and thoroughly wet the flat mop. Then glide the flat mop on to the floor. You do not need to push it downwards too much. Just let it glide smoothly as you pull.

It is best to catch the corners and edges first.

Do not apply floor finish by pushing away from you unless applying under tables and etc. The best motion is to pull it as you walk sideways.

If you see streaks on the floor, it is time to add more floor finish.

(Note: If you are applying more than one coat of floor finish, do not be concerned with a few small streaks. You will be covering it with your second coat. However, you don’t want to leave too much streaks when you apply the floor finish. They will be noticeable after you are done. It is a sloppy job that can get you into trouble and if it does not come out good, you might have to do it all over again. If this happens, it will be very costly and a waste of time.)

Take your time and do not rush. When you rush, you can easily make mistakes.


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