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How to apply floor finish with microfiber applicator-Video Instruction

Updated on March 16, 2011

How to apply floor finish with microfiber applicator-Video instruction

How to apply floor finish with microfiber applicator system

Have you tried microfiber flat mop applicator for applying floor finish? If you have not tried this yet, you should try it. It is a lot easier, faster and applies finish much nicer and evenly on the floor.

(Note: We will use the word “floor finish” or “wax” referring to the same item).

Here are the steps.

1: Do other normal procedures to prepare the floor for waxing.

2: Sweep or vacuum thoroughly.

3: Tape the edges and corners with painter’s tape(blue color tape), if you desire to have a clean cut edges and corners.

4: Top scrubbed or stripped floor and properly dry the floor and neutralize the PH on the floor to apply floor finish. (If it is a brand new floor, just damp mop to remove any dust will do).

5: Pour some on the floor and wet the microfiber pad thoroughly. Gently pull and glide the applicator on the floor to apply the finish. It is not necessary to push hard. Let the floor pad just glide over the floor with ample amount of finish without leaving any dry marks.

Someone can either go ahead in front of you and lay the small amount of finish or if you are working by yourself, lay the small amount here and there at appropriate location points to add more finish on to the applicator.

Note: Do not walk over the finish with your shoes or socks. If you do, clean it up right away. You might leave marks on the floor, if your shoes or socks are wet with floor finish. Your feet must be completely dry at all times until you finish the waxing job.

You can also consider using other methods of applying wax, such as back pack floor finish applicator by 3M or other floor finish application system using a microfiber applicator. If you are working with a large open space, try a wide area finish applicator.

Note: Always, leave the space open for exit.

6: If you are applying more than one coat, repeat the same process.

7: Rinse the pad well and air dry for next time use.

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How to apply floor finsih microfiber applicator


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